Which is best fund for SIP ?  Which fund give me better returns?

While investing in equity funds, a principle to internalize is that markets are more predictable in the long term, than in short term. So, it is better to consider equity funds,  when the investment horizon is long. 


Best SIP Performance Fund – LargeCap

Scheme that have at least 75% exposure in Crisil-defined Large Cap Stock

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr2 Yr.3 Yr.4 Yr5 Yr.
Birla Frontline Equity Fund101.9237.60%19.49%12.47%15.09%15.19%
(sip valuation)1414028842431806445887281
SBI BlueChip Fund16.9135.60%19.96%11.88%13.16%12.59%
(sip valuation)1403128965428216212681921
Reliance Equity Fund15.4935.47%18.51%8.79%8.21%7.27%
(sip valuation)1402428593409695645971888
HDFC Top 200229.6926.77%13.99%9.31%13.61%14.54%
(sip valuation)1354527446412756265985926
UTI Opportunities Fund32.2422.02%15.32%12.11%15.70%16.60%
(sip valuation)1327927780429596519990310

Note :  SIP Date 1st –  Current NAV Date 15 Jan 2013

Best SIP Performance Fund – Diversify Equity

Equity Mutual Fund that invest greater than 45% but less than 75% in CRISIL-defined Large Cap Stock

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr2 Yr.3 Yr.4 Yr5 Yr.
Reliance Equity Opportunities fund44.7247.43%23.23%17.85%25.62%22.25%
(sip valuation)14666298084655278460103457
UTI MNC Fund73.9565.55%20.22%13.54%11.81%15.05%
(sip valuation)1561029031438366052586993
Principal Dividend Yield Fund26.4231.10%17.73%11.20%14.62%13.98%
(sip valuation)1378528392424056387384745
HDFC Equity Fund298.3927.67%13.61%8.94%14.82%15.89%
(sip valuation)1359527350410596412088783
Tata Dividend Yield Fund37.9722.11%13.79%10.61%16.37%16.79%
(sip valuation)1328427395420516603790733

Best SIP Performance Fund – Small & MidCap

Defined as those having less than 45% exposure in CRISIL-defined Large Cap Stock

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr2 Yr.3 Yr.4 Yr5 Yr.
SBI Emerging Busi. Fund61.7971.06%37.60%28.76%35.20%27.83%
(sip valuation)15891336195391493263118061
Birla MNC Fund262.0334.69%19.77%16.98%24.32%22.33%
(sip valuation)13981289144599376608103638
BNP Midcap Fund12.5257.20%27.79%19.67%24.85%18.24%
(sip valuation)1518030998477327736093958
HDFC Midcap Opp. Fund18.8334.09%18.78%14.84%21.80%20.32%
(sip valuation)1394928660446467312798791
IDFC Premier Equity Fund40.6047.83%22.95%17.52%24.47%21.43%
(sip valuation)14688297364634076826101444

Best SIP Performance Fund – ELSS

Scheme that invest in equity , and are aimed to enable investors to avail tax rebate under 80C

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr2 Yr.3 Yr.4 Yr5 Yr.
Axis Long Term Equity Fund15.0729.70%18.51%14.20%
(sip valuation)137082859144245
Birla SL Tax Plan15.6034.01%17.31%11.00%12.85%11.87%
(sip valuation)1394428285422866175880494
BNP Tax Advantage Fund17.2233.71%20.63%14.14%15.85%13.86%
(sip valuation)1392829136442106538684507
Reliance Tax Saver Fund25.1432.22%20.53%13.71%17.11%16.88%
(sip valuation)1384629110439396697190935
DSP Tax Saver Fund19.2935.67%19.04%11.38%14.68%14.11%
(sip valuation)1403528728425166394985020

Note :  SIP Date 1st –  Current NAV Date 15 Jan 2013


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