Following is a comparison of various  Company , Non Banking Finance Co. , Housing Finance Co. Fixed deposit Interest Rate

  • Please note that interest rates can be changed at any point of time please confirm current date rate for investment purpose.
  • The absence of rates for some tenures indicates that a company doesn’t accept deposits for these tenures

[EXPAND   Company Fixed Deposit Interest Rate]

Company Name12 M24 M36 MSr. CitizenMin Amt
Ansal Housing & Const.11.00%11.00%11.50%-10000
Ansal Properties & Const. Ltd12.00%12.25%12.50%-50000
Alembic Ltd9.50%9.00%9.00%0.25%50000
Avon Corp Ltd11.00%11.50%12.00%0.50%5000
Birla Cotsyn Ltd10.50%11.%11.50%10000
Deepak Nitrite Ltd9.25%9.00%9.00%0.25%20000
Gabriel India Ltd9.00%9.50%10.00%-10000
Birla Power Solution10.50%11.00%11.50%10000
Ceat Ltd9.50%10.00%10.50%0.25%25000
Gujarat Apollo Inds. Ltd9.00%9.50%10.00%-50000
Gati Ltd10.00%10.50%11.00%21000
Helio Mateson Info tech ltd12.00%12.00%12.00%25000
Ind Swift Lab11.00%11.50%12.00%0.50%10000
Jai Prakash Asso.11.75%12.25%12.50%20000
Jaypee Infratech Ltd11.75%12.25%12.50%20000
UBHL Ltd11.50%11.75%0.25%25000
Unitech Ltd11.50%12.00%12.50%25000
United Spirit Ltd11.00%11.50%25000
Zenith Birla Ltd11.00%11.50%12.00%10000


[EXPAND   Company Fixed Deposit Interest Rate (Only Renewals)]                       

Company Name1 yr2 yr3 yrSr. CitizenMin Amt
ABT Ltd10.00%10.50%11.00%-10000
Aegis Logistics9.00%10.00%10.50%-25000
Aplabs Ltd10.00%10.50%11.00%--
Bharat Bijalee Ltd10.00%10.50%11.00%10000
D.S.Kulkarni Developer Ltd10.50%11.00%11.50%0.50%25000
Force Motor Ltd9.00%10.00%11.00%10000



[EXPAND   NBFC & Housing Finance Co. Fixed Deposit Interest Rate]                   

Company Name12 M24 M36 MSr. CitizenMin Amt
Dewan Housing Fin. Corp Ltd10.50%10.50%10.50%0.50%10000
Dewan Housing - Aashray Deposit 400 day10.75%0.50%10000
Gruh Finance Ltd9.25%9.75%9.50%0.25%20000
HDFC Ltd - Individual9.25%9.40%9.50%0.25%20000
HDFC Ltd - Platinum Plus 15 & 33 Month9.75%9.75%0.25%20000
M&M Finance Ltd9.25%10.0%10.25%0.25%10000
PNB Housing Finance Ltd9.50%9.50%9.75%20000
Exim Bank9.25%9.25%9.25%-10000
Shriram Transport - Unnati FD9.25%9.75%10.75%0.25%25000
First Leasing9.00%---5000
ICICI Home Finance9.00%9.00%9.00%10000
LIC Housing Finance9.00%9.25%9.50%10000
Sundaram Home Finance9.25%9.50%9.50%10000
Tamilnadu Power Finance9.25%9.50%10.00%10000

[EXPAND   54 EC Capital Gain Bond]                                                                   

Company Name36 MRemark
REC Ltd5.25%Lock In 3 yr
National Highway (NHAI)5.25%Lock in 3 yr


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