fixed deposit

Fixed deposit are one of the most popular investment options in India

We take a look at some of the best fixed deposit interest rates currently being offered by Corporate & NBFCs.

Top Rated Corporate Fixed Deposit details – Aug 2022

HDFC Ltd FD Rate Aug 2022

PeriodInterest RateSenior Citizen
12 Month6.00%6.25%
15 Month6.20%6.45%
18 Month6.30%6.55%
22 Month6.45%6.70%
24 Month6.50%6.75%
30 Month6.65%6.90%
33 Month6.85%7.10%
36 Month6.70%6.95%
44 Month6.85%7.10%
48 Month6.70%6.95%
66 Month6.95%7.20%
Rate effective from Aug, 2022

Minimum Investment- 20,000

0.25% extra for Senior Citizen

Bajaj Finance FD Rate

PeriodInterest RateSenior Citizen
12 Month6.20%6.25%
15 Month6.40%6.65%
18 Month6.50%6.75%
22 Month6.65%6.90%
24 Month6.95%7.20%
30 Month7.05%7.30%
33 Month7.15%7.40%
36 Month7.40%7.65%
48 Month7.40%7.65%
w.e.f. Aug, 2022
  • Senior Citizen 0.25% extra
  • Minimum Investment 25,000

LIC Housing Finance FD Interest Rate 2022

PeriodInterest RateSenior Citizens
12 M5.95%6.20%
18 M5.95%6.20%
24 M6.50%6.75%
36 M6.65%6.90%
LIC Housing FD- w.e.f.- 20-06-2022
  • Min. Investment – 20,000, for monthly Interest 2 lakh.
  • 0.25% extra for senior Citizens

Mahindra Financial Services FD Rate Aug. 2022

PeriodInterest RateSenior Citizen
12 M 5.75%6.00%
24 M6.50%6.75%
36 M6.75%7.00%
48 M7.00%7.25%
60 M7.00%7.25%
  • .25% extra Senior Citizen
  • Min Investment 5,000
  • MMFSL is a subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd (M&M)
  • The company is one of India‚Äôs leading non-bank finance companies focused on the rural and semi-urban sector.

PNB Housing FD Rate 2022

PeriodInterest RateSenior Citizen
12 Month6.50%6.75%
24 Month6.55%6.80%
36 Month7.25%7.50%
48 Month7.15%7.40%
PNB Housing FD – w.e.f. 15-06-2022
  • 0.25% extra Senior Citizen
  • Mini Investment 10,000
  • PNB Housing is a subsidiary of Punjab National Bank, which holds 51% of share capital in the Company

Shriram Transport Finance FD Rate Aug. 2022

PeriodInterest RateSenior Citizen
12 Month6.75%7.25%
24 Month7.25%7.75%
36 Month8.00%8.50%
48 Month8.15%8.65%
  • Senior Citizen 0.50% extra
  • Minimum Investment 5,000
  • Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd. (STFC) was incorporated in the year 1979 & is registered as a Deposit taking NBFC with RBI.
  • With a track record of about 30 years in this business, STFC is among the leading organized finance provider for the commercial vehicle industry

ICICI Home Finance Fixed Deposit Interest Rate 2022

PeriodInterest RateSenior Citizens
12 Month5.25%5.50%
24 Month6.50%6.75%
36 Month6.70%6.95%
39 Month6.85%7.10%
45 Month6.95%7.20%
  • 0.25% extra Senior Citizens
  • Min Investment – 10,000

FAQs – All you want to know about Company/NBFC FDs

Every person, including residents of non-resident Indians (NRI) as well as senior citizens are qualified to make an investment in Corporate FDs. Corporate FDs typically provide 25-50 basis points more interest rate than the standard rate for seniors (those over the age of 60).

The deposits with NBFCs are not secured. The repayment of deposits by NBFCs is not guaranteed by RBI.

A fixed deposit from a bank is only offered by banks.
Fixed deposits of companies and corporates are financial instruments offered from non-banking financial establishments as well as corporations.
Corporate or company rate on FDs are typically higher than the interest rates of bank FDs.
However the corporate FDs are not secured, which means they don’t have insurance for deposits.

Corporate fixed deposits may be broken or liquidated prior to expiration at the NBFC’s physical branch or on their website. The basic process for premature withdrawal of corporate fixed deposits will require you to submit:

  1. The original fixed deposit receipt with all holders signatures
  2. A canceled cheque
  3. A request letter from the client with the reason for withdrawal

This can also be completed online by submitting required documents and proofs on the company/NBFC website.