Ennore Port Ltd  Tax Free Bond – Issue open 18 Feb 2014  Ennore Port is coming out with a Tax Free, Secured, Redeemable bond issue face value 1000 each, aggregating  to 500 Cr.

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Ennore Port Tax Free Bond Issue Highlight – 

IssuerEnnore Port Ltd Tax Free Bond
Type of InstrumentSecured, Redeemable, NCD
Issue Open18 Feb 2014
Issue Close14 Mar 2014 ***
Issue Size1000 Cr
Face ValueRs. 1,000
Min. Application Size5 Bonds (Rs.5000) & multiply of 1 Bond thereafter
Mode of AllotmentD'mat & Physical Form
ListingBSE & NSE
 *** option for early closer (If Issue Subscribe fully then Issue close one day notice)

Limit for Retail Investor is 10 lakhs (Cat IV)

Allotment First come First Serve Basis

Ennore Port Ltd Tax Free Bond Interest Rate Chart

10 Years15 Years20 Years
For Category I,II, III
Coupon Rate %8.36%8.75%8.75%
Category IV ( Retails)
Coupon Rate %8.61%9.00%9.00%

NRI not allow to invest in this Issue

Cheque Details

Retail Investor :    Ennore Port Tax Free Bond 2014 – Escrow Account 

Note :   Application will be rejected if banked without uploading in the electronic system of the recognized stock exchange. (Bidding process)[/wptabcontent]

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About the Issuer -Ennore Port Ltd

The Company was incorporated on Oct 11, 1999 as a public limited company under the Companies Act 1956 and received a certificate for commencement of business on March 8, 2002. The Company is the first corporatized major port in the country and 12th major port in India. The Govt. of India incorporated the Company as a satellite port to the Chennai Port which was subsequently developed into a major independent port.

 Benefit to Investor

  • The Income by way of Interst on these Bonds is fully exempt from Income Tax as per provision under section 10(15)(iv)(h) of Income Tax  Act.
  • No TDS  (Interst from Bond do not form part of Total Income)
  • Capital Gain Benefit – Capital gain arising on the transfer of listed bonds shall be taxed @ 10% without Indexation or @ 20% with Indexation.
  • Short Term Capital Gain  on the transfer of listed bonds, where bonds are held for a period of not more than 12 months would be taxed at normal rates of tax in accordence with and subject to the Provision of the I.T. Act.

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Ennore Port  Tax Free Bond Subscription Data .

Cat ICat IICat IIICat IVTotal
Cat ICat IICat IIICat IVTotal
Issue Size50100150200500
14 MarSubscribe50.0014.7069.99245.89380.58
No of times1.000.150.471.230.76
13 MarSubscribe50.0014.7067.57240.46372.73
No of times1.000.150.451.200.75
12 MarSubscribe50.0014.7067.27236.76368.73
No of times1.000.150.451.180.74
11 MarSubscribe5014.6067.27233.25365.12
No of times10.150.451.170.73
10 MarSubscribe5014.6067.27229.50361.37
No of times10.150.451.150.72
7 MarSubscribe50.0014.5067.07223.23354.80
No of times1.000.140.451.120.71
6 MarSubscribe50.0014.4465.01219.69349.15
No of time1.000.140.431.100.70
5 MarSubscribe50.0014.3763.97217.40345.75
No of times10.140.431.090.69
4 MarSubscribe25.0014.3262.80213.37315.49
No of times0.500.140.421.070.63
3 MarSubscribe25.0013.9761.70209.59310.26
No of times0.500.140.411.050.62
28 FebSubscribe25.0012.6260.20201.26299.07
No of times0.500.130.401.010.60
26 FebSubscribe25.0012.0260.20189.93287.24
No of times0.500.120.400.950.57
25 FebSubscribe25.0011.9458.62180.57276.13
No of times0.500.110.390.900.55
24 FebSubscribe25.0011.5455.23167.31259.08
No of times0.500.110.360.830.51
21 FebSubscribe2511.1944.48144.92225.59
No of times0.500.110.300.720.45
20 FebSubscribe25.0010.3042.00128.71206.01
No of times0.500.100.280.640.41
19 FebSubscribe-9.9841.48106.88158.34
No of times-
18 FebSubscribe-9.9439.9178.48128.33
No of times-


[wptabtitle] Allotment/Listing[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Tax Free BondEnnore Port Limited
Issue Open18 Feb 2014
Issue Close14 Mar 2014
Issue RegistrarKARVY
Listing ExchangeBSE
Allotment Date25/03/2014
Listing Date27/03/2024
Interest Payment Date25 Mar Every Year
Face Value1000
Circular Ref. NoBSE -
Period10 yr15 yr20 yr10 yr15 yr20 yr
ISIN NoINE 363O07053INE 363O07061INE 363O07079INE 363O07087INE 363O07095INE 363O07103
BSE Script961843961845961847961849961851961853
Script ID836EPL24875EPL29875EPL34861EPL24900EPL29900EPL34
Maturity Date25/3/202425/3/202925/3/203425/3/202425/3/202925/3/2034
Maturity Amt100010001000100010001000

Source:  Issue Prospectus 

Disclaimer: “Invest only on the basis of prospectus”

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