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February 16, 2015



::About Company::

Dewan Housing Finance Ltd(DHFL) is second housing finance company to be set up in the private sector in India.DHFL commenced its operation in August 1984.Its loan portfolio has since grown to Rs.14,111.27 crore on March 31,2011.DHFL has 101 brances,72 service centers,24 camps,6 zonal offices and 11 regional processing offices.

DHFL’s deposit portfolio has reached Rs.557 crore as on march 31,2011 with the customer base of 44,000.CARE and Brickworks have reaffiremed their CARE ‘AA+’and BWR FAAA rating,respectively,for DHFL’s deposit.This rating represents highest safety,attractive returns and impeccable service standards as regards timely repayment of principle and interest.


 CARE-AAA FD,Brickworks-FAAA

::Feature & Benifits of Fixed Deposit-Dewan Housing Finance Corp Ltd-Wealth2Health-FEB2015::

Access to a host of benifits through Wealth2Health card:

  • Cashless access to impaneled hospitals/diagnostic centers.
  • Discount ranging from 10-25% on various medical services.
  • 24/7 access to a doctor.
  • Second opinion service.

::Investors Mindset – Liquidity::

  • We all want Liquidity. It makes us feel ‘safe’.
  • Liquidity to us means_1)Cash in hand 2)Cash in Bank (Savings Account)
  • Large majority of Indians keep cash at home, apprehending emergency
  • The biggest emergency people are afraid of is Health Emergency.

::What’s Reality…!!::

  • ~ 60% Indians pay for health from their own savings
  • Existing health insurance covers only hospitalization costs
  • Keep cash at home
  • Keep cash in bank @ 4% OR  Put in Instruments that give good Returns + Liquidity

::The Wealth2Health proposition::

  • Functions like a normal FD when the customer is well
  • Pays for healthcare expenses when ill
  • A deposit that comes with a card – ‘Deposit Card’
  • Customers can use the card to pay for Health Expenses,at designated hospitals/diagnostic centres
  • Instant loan against FD is created.
  • No need to break FD. No loss of interest

::The Power of the Card::

  • Cashless access to any empanelled hospital
  • Rs 1 lac, accidental death insurance – first depositor
  • 5 to 25% discounts on tests and hospitalization
  • 24/7 access to a doctor on ‘phone
  • Access to neutral, ‘second opinion’
  • Advice on which hospital to choose
  • All This At No Extra Cost

::So How Does It Work::

  • Every depositor gets a Wealth2Health Card – to first/sole holder only
  • Limit of 75% of the FD amount is tagged to the card
  • Each time a customer authorizes a payment to designated hospital/diagnostic centre, a Loan-Against-FD equivalent to the amount authorized is created
  • Loan created at 2% above the underlying FD interest rate
  • Loan can be repaid in part/full anytime during the tenure of the FD
  • Easy cashless authorization process – OTP and Photo Card
  • No restrictions on number of authorizations, or on number of FDs that can be linked

::Some Terms..::

  • Only resident Individuals can apply
  • All benefits associated with the card will be available to first/sole holder only
  • The cashless facility on the Deposit Card will be activated after 3 months from FD creation date
  • Each authorisation through the Deposit Card would be considered as fresh loan against FD and interest will be calculated accordingly for the amount which has been authorised
  • The customer can link multiple FDs to the card.
  • The limit available will be cumulative value of 75% of each linked FD
  • If loan is not repaid till maturity of FD, all amounts due will be adjusted from the maturity proceeds
  • Mobile number is mandatory

All This Made Possible thru our Health Services Partner:  VIDAL HEALTH

  • It is Holding Company of (erstwhile) TTK Healthcare TPA
  • Administers 1.9 cr lives, pan India, for health insurance
  • 6600 hospitals, 1500 diagnostic centers network; 800 cities
  • Strong customer service platform – Mobile App / SMS / Email

:: Wealth2Health –  WIFM (The Investor)!::



  • Privilege:   Senior Citizens, Armed Forces Personnel, Widows,DHFL Home Loan Customers & DHFL Shareholders
  • Minimum Deposit: Rs 25,000/=

Contact Us for Investment

Mobile 7719917444

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