How to Calculate IPO Allotment & Listing Date – IPO


When investor apply for new IPO, after issue close Investor interest to know when this process is complete & confirm how much share allotted in my account. Everybody search allotment date and allotment link for tracking purpose. They don’t know what is rule and calculation method.  If Investor read Bid cum Application Form carefully , all things clear in application form, but everybody not read 50 pages bid form. So I am trying to clear Allotment date process here.

How to Calculate Allotment Date :

Allotment of Equity Shares & credit to successful Bidder’s depositor account will be completed within 12 working days of the Bid/offer close date   

Listing within 3 days after allotment done.

Example :

CARE issue

open                                               7 Dec 2012

close                                            12 Dec 2012

Allotment Date                        28 Dec 2012 (Before) – (12 working days )

Share Credit Before                28 Dec 2012 (Before) – (12 working days )

Listing Date                               within 3 days  from Allotment Date

means all process done with 15 day after closing issue.


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