How to- Redeem Mutual Fund Units

July 8, 2012


The investor has to send redemption requisition slip , duly completed and signed, to registrar or Mutual Fund AMC. The redemption can be done for all units, partial unit or partial/full amount.

Simple Redemption Process for all Mutual Fund

  1. Fill the redemption portion of a transaction slip
  2. Fill the personal & scheme details
  3. Specify for redemption , all or partial unit or invested amount
  4. Sign at the end (sign as per fund house record)
  5. Submit the form to the branch of the specific Mutual Fund Co.
  6. Redemption proceeds can be either be directly credited to the investors account OR cheques are issued with the investors bank details printed on them mandatorily.

Forms for Redemption



For Your Mutual Fund Investment , Redemption, Switch and Portfolio Update Call or SMS :  Rajendra 7719917444 

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