HUDCO launched its 750 Cr Tax Free Bond Issue with an option to retain over subscription aggregating up to shelf limit of Rs. 5000 Cr.


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Issue Highlight –

IssuerHousing & Development Corporation Ltd ( HUDCO)
Type of InstrumentSecured, Redeemable, NCD
Issue Open9, Jan, 2013
Issue Close22 Jan 2013 Extended - 7 Feb 2013
Issue Size750 Cr. with right to retain oversubscription up to Rs. 5,000 Cr. (Shelf Limit)
Face ValueRs. 1,000
Min. Application Size5 Bonds (Rs.5000) & multiply of 1 Bond thereafter
Mode of AllotmentD'mat & Physical Form
RatingCARE AA+ by CARE , IND AA+ by IRRPL Rating

Issue Structure –

OptionsSeries 1 Series 2
Tenor10 years15 years
Coupon Rate %
Category - I, II, III7.34%7.51%
Category - IV (Retail)7.84%*8.01%*

*Additional Interest of 0.50% p.a. shall only be available to the original Allottees under category IV. In the event of Sold/transfer , the Coupon rate shall stand revised to the coupon rate applicable for allottee falling under Category I, II , III.

Cheque Details-

Retail Investor  : ” HUDCO Tax Free Bond 2012 – Escrow Account – R ”

NRI  Investor  : ” HUDCO Tax Free Bond 2012 – Escrow Account – NR ”

Bankers :   Axis Bank, IDBI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank,  PNB, SBI, Union Bank

Yes Bank, HDFC Bank


[wptabtitle] About Issue[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

About the Issuer

Benefit to Investor

  •  The Income by way of Interest on these Bonds is fully exempt from Income Tax as per provision under section 10(15) (iv) (h) of IT act.
  • No TDS
  • Capital Gain Benefit – capital gain arising on the transfer of listed bonds shall be taxed @ 10% without Indexation or @20% with Indexation.

Issue Drawback 

In case the Bonds held by the original Allottees under Category IV (Retail) are sold/transferred (except in case of transfer of Bonds to legal heirs in the event of death of original Allottee), the coupon rate shall stand revised to the coupon rate applicable for Allottees falling under Cat I,II,III portions

In simple word, additional 0.50% interest only for first investor, No benefit for Retail Investor buy from Open Market.



[wptabtitle] Subscription Data[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

CategoryNo of Bonds OfferNo of Bonds BidNo of time Subscribe
7 FEB 2013
Category I18,75,00063,52,2703.39
Category II11,25,00017,86,7371.59
Category III15,00,00060,10,3904.10
Category IV30,00,00080,07,6142.67
6 FEB 2013
Category I18,75,00053,52,0702.85
Category II11,25,00013,53,8991.20
Category III15,00,00038,30,0902.55
Category IV30,00,00076,20,8942.54
5 FEB 2013
Category I18,75,00048,52,0702.59
Category II11,25,00013,52,8991.20
Category III15,00,00037,48,7902.50
Category IV30,00,00074,87,9862.50
4 FEB 2013
Category I18,75,00045,52,0702.48
Category II11,25,00013,52,8931.20
Category III15,00,00037,37,2902.49
Category IV30,00,00073,89,4752.46
1 FEB 2013
Category I18,75,00046,52,0702.48
Category II11,25,00013,51,8931.20
Category III15,00,00037,02,7902.47
Category IV30,00,00072,68,2352.42
31 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00046,52,0702.48
Category II11,25,00014,41,2931.19
Category III15,00,00021,25,6901.42
Category IV30,00,00070,55,0862.35
30 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00046,52,5702.48
Category II11,25,0009,74,7450.87
Category III15,00,00020,39,1901.36
Category IV30,00,00068,73,9382.29
29 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00045,02,5702.40
Category II11,25,0008,77,2450.78
Category III15,00,00020,28,9631.35
Category IV30,00,00067,27,5282.24
28 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00045,02,0502.40
Category II11,25,0008,71,0450.77
Category III15,00,00019,46,9631.30
Category IV30,00,00065,84,8072.19
24 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00045,02,0502.40
Category II11,25,0008,71,0450.77
Category III15,00,00019,07,4631.27
Category IV30,00,00064,12,6642.14
23 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00045,02,2602.40
Category II11,25,0008,21,0450.73
Category III15,00,00018,58,4631.24
Category IV30,00,00063,31,2912.11
22 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00045,02,4602.40
Category II11,25,0005,97,2450.53
Category III15,00,00017,86,4131.19
Category IV30,00,00061,90,0792.06
21 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00042,52,2102.27
Category II11,25,0005,22,7050.46
Category III15,00,00015,25,5131.02
Category IV30,00,00054,02,4421.80
18 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00022,00,6601.17
Category II11,25,0004,54,4250.40
Category III15,00,00013,73,9130.92
Category IV30,00,00045,11,5211.50
17 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00021,00,5401.12
Category II11,25,0003,21,4250.29
Category III15,00,00012,27,9130.82
Category IV30,00,00040,78,4521.36
16 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00019,00,5401.01
Category II11,25,0002,40,4250.21
Category III15,00,00010,82,4000.75
Category IV30,00,00036,70,4561.22
15 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00019,00,0401.01
Category II11,25,0002,36,4250.21
Category III15,00,0009,50,7000.63
Category IV30,00,00032,59,0681.09
14 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,0002,00,0400.11
Category II11,25,0001,98,9250.18
Category III15,00,0008,60,5000.57
Category IV30,00,00028,28,7100.94
11 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,0002,00,0000.11
Category II11,25,0001,87,9250.17
Category III15,00,0008,14,7000.54
Category IV30,00,00019,83,9150.66
10 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,00000
Category II11,25,0001,97,6250.18
Category III15,00,0007,63,9000.51
Category IV30,00,00017,33,9100.58
9 JAN 2013
Category I18,75,0005000.00
Category II11,25,00064,4650.06
Category III15,00,0005,83,7000.39
Category IV30,00,00010,77,8210.36


[wptabtitle] Allotment/Listing[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Registrar of Issue :

Karvy Computershare Pvt Ltd

Allotment link

Trustee for Bondholders :


Depositories :



[wptabtitle] Downloads[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Document related to ongoing  HUDCO Tax Free Bond Issue :

  1. HUDCO Tax Free Bond Tranche Prospectus
  2. HUDCO Tax Free Bond FAQ’s
  3. HUDCO Tax Free Bond Document Required
  4. HUDCO Tax Free Bond Banking Matrix
  5. HUDCO Tax Free Bond Allotment Listing Detail PDF Download


Shortly Update Brokerage Structure about this product

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