Know how to redeem Mutual Fund in various ways?

You can contact your financial advisor first, who easily complete redemption process the mutual fund. If you manage the funds yourself, you can reach out to the Mutual Fund company that manages mutual funds directly.

Investors can use offline and online modes to redeem their investments.

How do I redeem a mutual investment scheme?

There are a variety of methods for redemption for your mutual fund. The following are the Channel who help to redeem Investment:

through Mutual Fund Company (AMC)

You can visit the Company website & login with your credentials & complete the redemption process in your folio.

It is also possible to visit the AMC office to make a request. AMC offices to redeem the fund through the offline process. Once your request has been processed, you will receive the funds via NEFT in your folio register bank account.

The redemption process for mutual funds online or offline is the same. Don’t confuse online transactions; pay you early. Turnaround Time is T+3 for Equity Scheme.

AMC Registrar

Visit the Fund House Registrar’s office & complete the redemption transaction process. CAMS & KFIN Tech are the registrar of Mutual Fund. Before submit transaction Check who is the registrar of your fund.

Mutual Fund Distributor (Broker)

If you’ve been a part of the mutual fund’s scheme through a broker or distributor and you wish to redeem the funds, you can do so through them.

Inform them of your plans to redeem, and they will assist you in redeeming the funds in person or online.

Within 5-10 minute MFD process your redemption request it my experience.

Offline Redemption Process

To redeem funds offline, the unitholder has to send a completed Redemption Request Form to the AMC office or the Registrar’s office designated by the AMC.  

On the redemption form, it is necessary to enter specifics like the name of the unitholder, folio number, scheme name and details of the scheme, and the number of units that are to be redeemed (or the amount of redemption desired). 

The funds from the redemption will be transferred to the bank account registered by the first unit holder.

Online Redemption Process

Mutual funds are also available to redeem online through the websites of mutual funds.

Simply go to the “Online Transaction” page of the Mutual Fund and log in using your Folio number and/or PAN, choose the scheme and the number of units (or the amount) you’d like to redeem, and then confirm the transaction.

Thing to consider before selling Mutual Fund

  • The most important aspects to take into consideration are the tax implications as well as the exit charges incurred when redeeming
  • Check your Bank Account details in folio, if there are any mistakes before redemption, correct them.
  • Check KYC & FATCA Updated. 


If the time comes to redeem your fund, you’ll typically receive the funds of your unit after four (T+3 days) working days. When you redeem a debt-related or liquid fund, you receive the cash within one to two working days. 

The applicable NAV for redemptions for Equity Scheme: 

Before 3 P.M Transaction Submitted – Same Day NAV applicable

After 3 P.M. Transaction Submitted – Next Day NAV applicable