Kosamattam Finance Ltd- NCD Issue – April 2014

Kosamattam Funance Ltd   NCD  Issue open from 23 April 2014. Issue size of Rs. 75 Cr. With an option to retain over- Subscription upto Rs. 25 Cr., aggregating to a total up to Rs. 100 Cr.

 Allotment -First Come First Serve Basis . Issue Closing Date depend upon subscription if issue subscribe early then issue close  1day short notice Otherwise Last date of Issue Close 22 May 2014.  (Early Closer of Issue 6 May 2014)

Note : All Debt Issue applications must be bidded before getting submitted with the collection bankers. Kindly ensure to Bid application  before Banking. 

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[wptabtitle] Product Note[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]Issue Highlight – 

IssuerKosamattam Finance Ltd
Type of InstrumentSecured, NCD
Issue Open23 April 2014
Issue Close22 May 2014 (with option of early closure or extension)
Issue Size75 Cr. with an option to retain oversubscription of 25 Cr. Total 100 Cr
Face ValueRs. 1,000
Min. Application Size10 Bonds (Rs.10000) & multiply of 1 NCD thereafter (across all series NCD)
InterestAnnually, Various Option
Mode of AllotmentD’mat as well as Physical Form
Rating CARE – “BB”
ListingProposed on BSE
Interest on Application on Amount Allotted
Interest on Application on Amount to be refunded
Issue Closed 6 May 2014

Issue Structure -Interest Rate Details for Retail Investor –  

Tenor390 DAYS390 DAYS18 M18 M36 M36 M66 M
Coupon Rate- Cat I,II, III12.00%NA12.50%NA-13.00%-NA-NA
Coupon for Senior Citizen12.50%NA13.00%NA13.50%NANA
Face Value1000100010001000100010001000
Maturity1000+ accrued Interest1134.111000+ accrued Interest1201.211000+ accrued Interest1462.142000
Maturity – Sr. Citizen1000+ accrued Interest1139.501000+ accrued Interest1209.191000+ accrued Interest1481.542000
Interest PaymentMonthlyCumulativeMonthlyCumulativeMonthlyCumulativeCumulative
Effective Yield12.68%12.50%13.24%13.00%13.80%13.50%13.43%
Effective Yield- Sr.Citizen13.24%13.00%13.80%13.50%14.37%14.00%13.43%

Cheque Details-  

Retail Investor              : ”  “

Note :   Application will be rejected if banked without uploading in the electronic system of the recognized stock exchange. (Bidding process)

Who can not Apply

  • Minors without a guardian name
  • Individuals or entities that are not resident in India and
  • Person ineligible to contract under applicable statutory / regulatory requirement

Source : Prospectus Dated March 24, 2014 [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle] About Issue[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]About the Issuer

Kosamattam Finance Ltd, headquartered in the southern Indian state of Kerala, is a NBFC lending money against pedge of used household gold jewellery “Gold Loans” in the state of Kerala, TamilNadu, Karnataka Andra Pradesh, Delhi and in the Union Territory of Poducherry.

The Kosamattam group was originally founded by Mr. Chacko Varkey. His grandson, Mr. Mathew K. Cherian, the present Chairman and managing director of Kosamattam Group is a fourth generation entrepreneur in the family.

As on February 28, 2014, KFL is having a branch network of 781 branches largely spread across southern India. The Gold Loan portfolio of KFL as of Dec 31, 2013 is comprised of 308745 gold loan accounts, aggregating Rs. 950 Cr. which is 96.10% of the total loans and advances.

Gross non-performing glold loan assets were 0.17%, 0.31%, 0.36% and 0.02% of gross Gold Loan portfolio under management as of Dec 31, 2013, Mar 31, 2013, 2012 and 2011 respectively.


[wptabtitle] Subscription[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent] 

Cat ICat IICat IIITotal
Issue Size15.0040.0075.00150.00
No of times
No of times
18 JulySubscribe0.230.730.97
No of times0.040.010.01


[wptabtitle]Listing[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Kosamattam Finance Ltd  NCD Allotment Listing Details with ISIN No , Script Code, Interest Payment Date etc.

Series ISeries IISeries IIISeries IVSeries VSeries VISeries VII
Period360 Days390 Days18 M18 M36 M36 M66 M
BSE Script
NSE Script
Maturity Date



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