SIP Performance Fund Report  – Large Cap Fund

Scheme that have at least 75% exposure in Crisil-defined Large Cap Stock

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr2 Yr.3 Yr.4 Yr5 Yr.
Birla Frontline Equity Fund117.6731.62%22.04%18.33%13.92%13.28%
Birla SL Equity Fund327.5243.46%24.71%18.68%12.86%11.57%
BNP Paribas Equity Fun45.6423.12%17.68%15.49%
HDFC Capital Builder142.3940.66%29.15%18.07%13.29%13.48%
ICICI Target Return Fund17.7331.92%20.29%16.13%12.12%
Reliance Focus Large Cap17.6933.57%21.88%17.77%12.15%9.68%
HDFC Top 200 Fund259.5439.54%20.94%15.68%11.54%11.54%
SBI Bluechip Fund19.3228.36%19.98%17.59%13.20%11.92%

Note :  SIP Date 10th every month  –  Current NAV Date 11 April 2014

 SIP Performance Fund Report – Diversify Equity

Equity Mutual Fund that invest greater than 45% but less than 75% in CRISIL-defined Large Cap Stock

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr2 Yr.3 Yr.4 Yr5 Yr.
Axis Equity Fund14.6826.22%21.08%17.98%13.58%
Birla India Opportunities Fund72.0651.21%31.78%23.72%16.57%14.94%
HDFC Equity Fund341.4046.67%23.45%16.89%13.65%15.61%
ICICI Dynamic Plan146.0441.15%25.45%19.71%15.16%14.85%
Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund49.9739.80%20.91%18.04%14.51%15.88%
Tata Equity P/E Fund57.3246.27%21.69%15.33%10.85%10.69%
ICICI Target Return Fund17.7432.91%20.59%16.30%12.21%

SIP Performance Fund – Small & MidCap

Defined as those having less than 45% exposure in CRISIL-defined Large Cap Stock

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr2 Yr.3 Yr.4 Yr5 Yr.
Axis MidCap Fund15.5847.88%26.34%22.11%
Birla MNC Fund303.2328.52%19.32%17.15%14.86%16.47%
BNP Mid Cap Fund14.54438.96%24.61%21.46%
DSP BR Micro Cap Fund20.48157.88%26.13%19.01%13.67%15.39%
HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities23.34957.87%30.05%22.72%18.23%18.81%
ICICI Discovery Fund70.6455.24%28.57%22.84%17.50%17.76%
SBI Emerging Business59.9124.17%12.59%13.62%13.18%15.50%
SBI Mid Cap Fund34.5156.72%34.00%26.14%19.44%17.17%

SIP Performance Fund – ELSS

Scheme that invest in equity , and are aimed to enable investors to avail tax rebate under 80C

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr2 Yr.3 Yr.4 Yr5 Yr.
Axis Long Term Equity19.1943.34%28.99%23.42%19.05%
Birla Tax Plan17.6031.66%20.40%16.31%12.31%11.49%
BNP Tax Advantage Fund19.4829.18%19.59%16.87%
Canara Equity Tax Saver33.3527.34%16.83%14.15%11.14%11.89%
DSP BR Tax Saver21.6830.29%19.93%16.74%12.19%12.00%
HDFC Tax Saver285.4845.69%23.16%16.34%11.74%11.98%
ICICI Tax Plan191.4444.94%25.84%20.03%15.10%15.13%
Reliance Tax Saver28.8156.79%26.45%20.24%15.27%14.85%

Note :  SIP Date 10 th every month –  Current NAV Dated  11 April 2014

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