Top mutual fund for SIP investment 2012-13

how to select good fund for SIP?

Here is list of mutual fund who delivered top SIP returns. All time is good for starting your SIP.

All returns calculate as per SIP monthly investment, it’s not match lumsum investment return or other site returns.

My Top 5 Favorite scheme

  1. SBI Emerging Business Fund
  2. Birla SL MNC Fund
  3. Reliance Opportunities Fund
  4. Sundaram Select Mid Cap Fund
  5. UTI Opportunities Fund

We are providing SIP Excel Calculator for Investor

Downloand SIP Calculator

Basic Assumption for SIP

  • SIP Date : Every Month 1th
  • Latest NAV Date 12 Nov 2012
  • CAGR returns for sip invesment

 Top Diversify/Large Cap Fund  for SIP

Fund NameNAV1 yr2 yr3 yr4 yr5 yr
Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund -Gr42.1337.45%17.22%14.97%23.95%20.07%
SBI Bluechip Fund - Gr15.7430.67%12.60%7.56%11.64%9.72%
Reliance Top 200 - Gr13.8129.06%10.50%8.26%12.69%10.21%
UTI Opportunities Fund - Gr31.0723.31%12.31%11.34%17.69%15.60%
BIRLA Frontline Equity Fund - Gr93.2527.52%9.70%7.51%13.78%11.91%
Principal Large Cap Fund - Gr29.0723.43%6.96%5.47%13.37%11.00%
HDFC Top 200 Fund - Gr214.0919.82%6.50%5.32%12.51%12.05%

Top Mid/Small  Cap Fund for SIP

Fund NameNAV1 yr2 yr3 yr4 yr5 yr
SBI Magnum Emerging Business Fund54.1440.65%19.49%19.36%28.96%22.07%
Birla SL MNC Fund251.6933.79%16.85%16.52%24.72%20.65%
BNP Mid Cap Fund11.4338.42%18.04%14.38%21.06%14.50%
Sundaram Select MidCap Fund- Gr164.3631.33%11.46%9.14%18.22%15.11%
HDFC Mid Cap Opportunity Fund17.6123.30%12.07%11.14%19.99%17.85%
IDFC Sterling Equity Fund20.4931.00%12.72%10.85%19.60%13.45%
DSP BR Micro Cap Reg- Gr17.1032.28%12.34%10.61%22.88%18.18%
IDFC Premier Eqty36.4424.44%11.61%11.10%20.18%17.34%

Top Tax Saving (ELSS) Fund for SIP

Fund NameNAV1 yr2 yr3 yr4 yr5 yr
Reliance Tax Saver - Gr23.3829.82%13.45%9.93%15.80%14.14%
Axis Long Term Equity Fund - Gr14.2527.70%13.72%NANANA
BNP Paribas Tax Advantage Fund - Gr15.7222.65%11.70%8.80%13.19%9.95%
DSP BR Tax Saver - Gr17.7027.78%10.04%6.38%12.56%10.72%
Franklin India Tax Shield227.5618.84%9.00%8.17%14.37%12.83%
Birla SL Tax Plan14.4225.74%9.20%6.25%10.78%8.62%


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