Company & NBFC Fixed Deposit offer higher interest rate compare to bank FD’s . You get extra 1% to 3% from NBFC & Co. FD’s Here is  some good offer from  NBFC  & Company FD’s they pay you good Interest Rate

Company/NBFC FD’s Interest Rate Table  – Nov 2012

Company Name1 year2 year3 yearMin. AmtSr. Citizen
Bilcare Ltd11.00%11.50%12.00%200000.25%
DHFL -Aashray Depo Plus10.75%10.75%10.75%100000.50%
DHFL - Swayam Sidha10.75%500 days100000.50%
DHFL - Aashray Depo-Single10.75%400 days100000.50%
Gruh Finance Ltd9.00%9.25%9.25%10000.25%
HDFC - Individuals8.90%9.05%9.15%200000.25%
HDFC - Sr. Citizens9.80%(20 M & 40 M)20000-
HDFC - Platinum9.40%(15 M & 33 M)200000.25%
Helios & Matheson Information Tech. Ltd12.00%12.00%12.00%25000-
Ind Swift Lab Ltd11.00%11.50%12.00%100000.50%
JP Associates Ltd12.00%12.25%12.50%20000-
Jaypee Infratech Ltd11.75%12.25%12.50%20000
Jyoti Structures Ltd12.00%12.25%12.50%25000
LIC Housing Finance8.75%9.00%9.25%
Mahindra & Mahindra9.25%10.00%10.25%100000.25%
PNB Housing Fin.9.50%9.50%9.50%200000.25%
Shriram Unnati9.25%9.75%10.75%250000.25%
Unitech Ltd11.50%12.00%12.50%25000-
Pratibha Industries Ltd11.50%12.00%12.25%200000.25%

Last Interest Rate Update : 9 Nov 2012


Things to be remembered before investing

  • Do check credit rating assigned by the credit rating agencies to the fixed deposits being considered.
  • Ignore unrated  Fix Deposit scheme
  • Understand the background and credibility of the promoters.
  • Choose company with a better track record for similar rated companies.
  • Always have a nominee for the deposits made by you
  • Don’t investment all part of saving in Fixed deposit or single company.
  • Don’t invest in companies that care little about investor services
  • Don’t get lured by high interest rates
  • Don’t hesitate to seek regulators assistance for any grievance
  • Check for financial performance of the company.
  • Low grade company offer higher commission to adviser. Always prefer through good adviser
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