dhfl ncdDewan  Housing Finance Corp. Ltd (DHFL) launched Public Issue of Secured
redeemable non-convertible Debentures
 Base issue size of 1,000 crores with an option to retain over subscription upto the Shelf Limit 4,000 crores.  Issue open from 3 Aug 2016 and issue close on 16 Aug 2016 . Early close 4 Aug 2016. (First come basis) Approximate Allotment date 16 or 17 Aug. 2016


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Dewan  Housing Finance Corporation Ltd NCD Issue Highlights

IssuerDewan Housing Finance Ltd (DHFL)
Type of InstrumentSecured Redeemable, NCD
Issue Open3 Aug. 2016
Issue Close16 Aug 2016 (with option of early closure or extension)
Issue Size1,000 Cr. with an option to retain oversubscription of 4000 Cr.
Face ValueRs. 1,000
Min. Application Size10 Bonds (Rs.10000) & multiply of 1 NCD thereafter (across all series NCD)
InterestMonthly , Annually & Cumulative
Mode of AllotmentD'mat as well as Physical Form
Rating CARE - AAA & BWR - AAA - Outlook Stable
ListingBSE / NSE
Application Money Interest (refunded)6.00%
Allotment Money InterestAs per Effective Yield
Security and Asset CoverThe proposed to be issued will be secured by first ranking pari passu charge on present and future receivable of Issuer for the Principal Amount and interest thereon. The NCDs will have an asset cover of 1.1 time on the principal amount and interest thereon.
Cheque in favor ofDHFL NCD Escrow Account

Specific Term of Issue – Retail Category  

Tenor3 Year5 Year10 Year3 Year5 Year
Base Coupon - Cat I, II8.74%8.74%8.74%9.10%9.10%
Base Coupon -Cat III, IV8.83%8.88%8.93%9.20%9.25%
Effective Yield Cat I, II9.10%9.10%9.10%9.10%9.10%
Effective Yield Cat III , IV9.20%9.25%9.30%9.20%9.25%
Face Value10001000100010001000
Interest PaymentMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyAnnualAnnual
Tenor10 Year3 Year5 Year10 Year3 Year
Base Coupon - Cat I, II9.10%NANANACPI+ spread of 4.08%
Base Coupon -Cat III, IV9.30%NANANACPI+ spread of 4.18%
Effective Yield Cat I, II9.10%9.10%9.10%9.10%9.10%*
Effective Yield Cat III , IV9.30%9.20%9.25%9.30%9.20%*
Face Value10001000100010001000
Interest PaymentAnnualNANANAAnnual
Maturity-Cat I & II10001298.601545.692389.171000
Maturity -Cat III & IV10001302.171556.352433.331000
* For the First year and subject to  reset annually based on Reference CPI for the 2nd year & 3rd year.

  CPI Linked Floating Rate NCDs  :

Company is offering Series X NCDs which carries floating interest base on Reference CPI plus applicable spread to various Categories of Investors. 

While the spread will be fixed throughout the tenor of the Series X NCDs. The floor for floating interest rate has been fixed @ 8.90% p.a. for all categories of Investor & cap for floating interest @9.50% p.a.

Reference CPI : Inflation rate base on Consumer Price Index as released by Govt. of India is considered for Benchmark Index for the instrument [CPI (Rural + Urban) combined to be considered as mentioned in coupon structure ]


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About Company

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd (DHFL) is a deposit taking Housing Finance Company register with the NHB and focused  on providing financial products for the Low and Middle income (LMI) segment in India in Tier II and Tier III cities and towns. DHFL have been active in the housing finance sector in India since 1984. 

  • DHFL provides secured finance primarily to individuals, partnership firms and companies for the purpose, self-construction, improvement and extension of homes, new and resalable flats, commercial properties and land. It also provides certain categories of non-housing loans including loans for commercial property, medical equipment, and for plant and machinery.
  • DHFL has a robust marketing and distribution network, with a presence across 349 locations including 182 branches, 146 service centers, 18 circle/ cluster offices, 2 disbursment hubs and one collection center, throughout India


[wptabtitle]Application Detail [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Investor Category and Allotment

Category I : Institutional Investor – Public finance institutions, scheduled Commercial bank, venture capital, Insurance companies, provident & pension fund etc.

Category II : Non-Institutional Investor – Statutory Bodies/Corporations,  Regional Rural Banks, Public/ Private / religious trusts which are authorised to invest in NCDs, Partnership Firms, LLPs & any other incorporated and/or unincorporated body of persons

Category III : High Networth Individuals – Resident Indian Investor or HUF through the Karta applying for an amount aggregating above 10 lakh across all series of NCDs in Issue.

Category IV : Retail Individuals Investors – Resident Indian Investor or HUF through the Karta applying for an amount aggregating up to and including 10 lakh across all series of NCDs in Issue.

Application can not be made by :

  1. Minors without guardian name (A guardian may apply behalf of a minor)
  2. Foreign nationals,  NRI inter-alia including any NRIs who are (i) based in the USA, and/or (ii) domiciled in USA, and/or (iii) resident/citizens of the USA and/or (iv) subject to any taxation laws of the USA;
  3. person resident outside India and other foreign entities;
  4. Person ineligible to contract under applicable statutory / regulatory requirement.

Allocation Ratio :

Category I        – 20% of overall Issue Size

Category II       – 20% of overall Issue Size

Category III     – 30% of overall Issue Size  (HNI )

Category IV    – 30% of overall Issue Size   (Retail)



[wptabtitle] Subscription[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Dewan Housing Finance Ltd  – Issue Subscription data

dhfl ncd subscription details


[wptabtitle] Listing[/wptabtitle]

Dewan  Housing Finance   Ltd  Allotment & Listing details :

Allotment process complete – Check your allotment status  Registrar Karvy – Allotment Link

dhfl ncd basis of allotment








NCDDewan Housing Finance Ltd
Issue Open3 Aug 2016
Issue Close16 Aug 2016 (early close 4 Aug 2016)
Issue RegistrarKarvy Computershare
Listing ExchangeProposed BSE / NSE
Allotment Date16 Aug 2016
Listing Date19 Aug 2016
Interest Payment DateFirst Interest Payment 16 Sep 2016
Face Value1000
Circular Ref. NoBSE- 20160818-11
Retail Category Details

Effective Yield9.20%9.25%9.30%9.20%9.25%
Period3 Yr5 Yr10 Yr3 Yr5 Yr
ISIN NoINE 202B07HL1INE 202B07HN7INE 202B07HP2INE 202B07HR8INE 202B07HT4
BSE Script935794935798935802935806935810
Script ID
Maturity Amt10001000100010001000
First Int Payment16-09-201616-09-201616-09-201616-08-201716-08-2017

Effective Yield9.30%9.20%9.25%9.30%9.20%
Period10 Yr3 Yr5 Yr10 Yr3 Yr
ISIN NoINE 202B07HV0INE 202B07HX6INE 202B07HZ1INE 202B07IB0INE 202B07ID6
BSE Script935814935818935820935824935828
Script ID
Maturity Amt10001302.172389.172433.331000
First Int Payment16-08-2017NANANA16-08-2017

  •    The financial year of Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited ends on the 31st March.
  • The address and contact details of the Company are as below:
  • Registered Office: Warden House, 2nd Floor, Sir P.M. Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001, Maharashtra        

Website: www.dhfl.com

  • Given below is the address and contact details of the Registrar and Share Transfer Agents:

 Karvy Computershare Private Limited

Karvy Selenium Tower B, Plot 31-32, Financial District, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli,   Hyderabad – 500 032

Tel: 040-6716 2222; Fax: 040-2343 1551 Email: einward.ris@karvy.com

Source : Shelf prospectus dated July 26, 2016 & Tranche I prospectus date July 26, 2016


For Investment , Kindly Write to us at

                       rajendra@puneinvest.com or

                          Call Rajendra 7719917444



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