Sundaram launched new fund offer Sundaram Top 100 Series VI , a closed ended scheme. The new fund offer opens for subscription on 03 Feb. 2017 & close on 27 Feb 2017. The maximum investment allowed for claiming deduction under RGESS is Rs. 50,000. The investor will be eligible to get a 50% deduction of the amount invested from the taxable income of that year u/s 80CCG. The benefit is over and above the deduction available u/s Sec 80C.
 Key Scheme Feature

New Fund OfferSundaram Top 100 - Series VI
Issue Open03 Feb 2017
Issue Close27 Feb 2017
Issue TypeClosed Ended Equity Scheme
Face ValueRs 10
Maturity3 Year from date of allotment
Entry LoadNil
Minimum Application Amt5000
BenchmarkNifty 100
Fund ManagerMr. Rahul Baijal

Cheque Details: ” Sundaram Top 100 Series VI “

Who can Invest

This product is suitable for investors:

  • Seeking long term capital appreciation
  • Investment in equity/equity-related instruments of companies specified as eligible securities under RGESS. (Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme 2012)

Investment Objective::

  • To Generate capital appreciation from a portfolio that is substantially constituted of equity securities specified as eligible securities for Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme, 2012 (RGESS). The Scheme may also invest a certain portion of its corpus in cash & cash equivalent and money market instruments from time to time. 

  Investment Strategy

 The investment will be in eligible equity securities under RGESS and shall be based on a thorough research of the general macroeconomic condition, political and fiscal environment, systemic liquidity, inflationary expectations, corporate performance and other economic considerations. The Investment Manager will keep in mind the Investment Objective of the Scheme and the applicable Regulations.
           Performance difference between Sundaram Top 100 and the CNX 100 may arise as a result of several factors including:
• Any delay experienced in the purchase or sale of shares due to illiquidity of the market, settlement and realisation of sales proceeds and in receiving cash and stock dividends resulting in further delays in reinvesting them.
• Any costs associated with the establishment and running of the scheme including costs on transactions relating to investment, recomposition and other operating cost.
• The CNX 100 reflect the prices of shares at close of business hours. However, the scheme may be able to buy or sell shares at different points of time during the trading session at the then prevailing prices, which may not correspond to the closing prices.
• Significant changes in the composition of the CNX 100 may involve inclusion of new securities in the indices in which event while the scheme will endeavour to balance its portfolio it may take some time to precisely mirror the indices.
• The holding of a cash position and accrued dividend prior to distribution and accrued expenses.
• Dis-investments to meet exits of investors, recurring expenses, etc. as elsewhere indicated in this Scheme Information Document.

   Portfolio strategy

 The Investment Manager will be adopting a combination of top-down approach and bottom-up stock selection, which will encompass an evaluation of key economic trends, the analysis of various sectors in the economy leading to an outlook on their future prospects,and a diligent study of various investment opportunities within the favoured sectors.
           The corpus of the Scheme will be primarily invested in equity of the companies as mentioned in the investment universe specified for RGESS. The fund manager would primarily focus on long term growth for identifying stocks. The objective would be to identify business with superior growth prospects and strong management available at reasonable valuation and offering higher risk adjusted returns.

sundaram top 100 series vi stock selection

           The Scheme would follow blend of bottom up approach (for stock selection) and top down approach (for sector allocation). The decision to sell would be based on price reaching its fair value or availability of alternative investment opportunity offering higher risk adjusted returns or anticipated price appreciation no longer possible due to change in business fundamental.


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