Scheme Name             :         Sundaram Capital Protection Oriented Fund 3 years Series 9

New Fund Offer Opens:        November 16, 2012

 New Fund Offer Closes:      November 30, 2012

Scheme Type                      :      A closed-end capital  protection oriented scheme

Indicative Asset Allocation:   Fixed-income securities including money market
instruments, if any: 80-100%; Equity and equity related instruments: 0 – 20%;

Entry Load                 :      Nil  

 Exit Load                             :     Not Applicable
 Benchmark                        :     CRISIL MIP Blended Index
 Maturity                               :    Three Years
 Options                                 :     Growth and Dividend Payout
Minimum Investment:       INR 5000


How Does A Capital Protection Oriented Fund Work?

  • Equity investments have historically offered higher returns, but they can pose a greater risk to your capital
  • Fixed deposits may offer principal protection, but returns are often so low they barely keep up with inflation
  • Capital protection oriented funds are a mix of high-safety and high-risk portfolio and endeavours to offer capital protection orientation and capital appreciation through a mix of debt and equity in the portfolio
  • If You invest your money in this fund
  • The fund invests a majority portion in fixed-income instruments and holds it to maturity
  • At maturity, that portion will grow to the initial capital value.
  • The fund invests the balance portion in equity and related instruments 
  • On the maturity date you get back the capital along with the capital appreciation, if any from the equity component
This capital protection fund rated by CRISIL (AAA(so))
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