Shriram City Union  Finance  (SCUF)  NCD open from 25 Nov 2013. Issue size of Rs. 100 Cr. With an option to retain over- Subscription upto Rs. 100 Cr., aggregating to a total up to Rs. 200 Cr.   If you are to confirm to subscription try to fill up Form as early as possible. Allotment -First Come First Serve Basis . Issue Closing Date depend upon subscription if issue subscribe early then issue close  1day short notice Otherwise Last date of Issue Close 24 Dec 2013. Allotment Done Check your Dmat A/c – 7 Jan

Note : All Debt Issue applications must be bidded before getting submitted with the collection bankers. Kindly ensure to Bid application  before Banking. 

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[wptabtitle] Product Note[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]Issue Highlight – 

IssuerShriram City Union Finance Ltd
Type of InstrumentSecured, NCD
Issue Open25 Nov 2013
Issue Close24 Dec. 2013 (with option of early closure or extension)
Issue Size100 Cr. with an option to retain oversubscription of 100 Cr. Total 200 Cr
Face ValueRs. 1,000
Min. Application Size10 Bonds (Rs.10000) & multiply of 1 NCD thereafter (across all series NCD)
InterestAnnually, Various Option
Mode of AllotmentD'mat as well as Physical Form
Rating CARE - "AA"
ListingProposed on BSE & NSE
Application Form Link

Issue Structure -Interest Rate Details

Tenor3 yrs4 yrs5 yrs3 yrs4 yrs5 yrs5 Yrs
Coupon Rate- Cat I10.75%10.75%10.75%---10.75%
Coupon Rate- Cat II10.75%10.75%10.75%10.75%
Coupon Rate- Cat III11.00%11.25%11.50%---11.25%
Coupon Rate- Cat IV11.00%11.25%11.50%11.25%
Effective Yield- Cat I10.75%10.75%10.75%10.75%10.75%10.75%10.75%
Effective Yield- Cat II10.75%10.75%10.75%10.75%10.75%10.75%10.75%
Effective Yield- Cat III11.00%11.25%11.50%11.00%11.25%11.50%10.75%
Effective Yield- Cat IV11.00%11.25%11.50%11.00%11.25%11.50%11.25%
Face Value10001000100010001000100011.25%
Maturity1000100010001358.411504.441667.173 equal tranche*
Interest PaymentAnnualAnnualAnnualnananasee note
* Redeemable in three equal tranches at the end of  3 rd year, 4 th year & 5th year  from the Deemed Date of Allotment. For all Categories of NCD Holders, the face value of  series VII NCDs is repayable in three equal tranches, of 33.33% of the face value of the series VII NCDs each, which will be paid at the end of 3rd , 4 th and 5th year from Deemed date of Allotment respectively.* 

Cheque Details-  

Retail Investor              : ” SCUF NCD  9 (2013) – Escrow Account “

Note :   Application will be rejected if banked without uploading in the electronic system of the recognized stock exchange. (Bidding process)

Bankers :  [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle] About Issue[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]About the Issuer

  • Deposit taking NBFC with multiple product lines, including loans to the small enterprise finance segment, loan against gold, financing for two wheelers, appliances and other commercial goods, pre owned & new vehicle loans and personal loans.
  • Part of the Shriram Group, which has a strong presence in financial services in India
  • Total Income increased to 3083.01 Cr for the financial year 2013 from 1323.44 cr. for the financial year 2011, at a CAGR 52.63%
  • Net profit after tax increased to 449 cr for the financial year 2013 from 240.58 Cr for the financial year 2011

Application Form Link [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle] Subscription[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

DateParticularCat.-ICat-IICat IIICat-IVTotal
Issue Size 20 Cr 20 Cr80 Cr80 Cr200 Cr
24 DecSubscribe2.464.4030.49129.15166.50
No of times0.120.220.381.610.83
23 DecSubscribe2.461.9123.17121.27148.81
No of times0.
20 DecSubscribe2.411.9117.72121.02143.05
No of times0.
19 DecSubscribe2.391.9017.44119.20140.93
no of times0.
18 DecSubscribe2.371.9017.19118.11139.56
No of times0.
17 DecSubscribe1.321.9016.78116.06136.06
No of Times0.
16 DecSubscribe1.291.9016.60114.31134.10
No of times0.
13 DecSubscribe1.291.9016.29111.34130.82
No of Times0.
12 DecSubscribe1.261.8916.13109.35128.63
No of Times0.
11 DecSubscribe1.241.8615.97107.49126.56
No of times0.
10 DecSubscribe1.241.8615.67105.39124.16
No of Times0.190.640.661.030.76
9 DecSubscribe1.261.8415.39103.31121.79
No of Times0.
6 DecSubscribe1.161.8314.9698.90116.85
No of Times0.
5 DecSubscribe1.141.8314.6796.30113.94
No of Times0.
4 DecSubscribe1.041.5913.5092.45108.59
No of times0.
3 DEcSubscribe0.961.5913.1487.20102.88
No of Times0.
2 DecSubscribe0.95 Cr1.50 Cr12.19 Cr82.85 Cr97.49 Cr
No of times0.04 times0.08 times0.15 times1.03 times0.49 time
Unsubscribe19.04 Cr18.50 Cr67.81 Cr.(-2.85 ) Cr97.49 Cr
29 NovSubscribe0.85 Cr1.50 Cr11.13 Cr72.21 Cr85.70 Cr
No of Times0.04 times0.08 times0.14 times0.90 times0.43 times
Unsubscribe19.15 Cr18.50 Cr68.87 Cr7.79 Cr114.30 Cr
27 NovSubscribe0.16 Cr1.43 Cr7.86 Cr52.78 Cr62.25 Cr
No of Times0.01 times0.07 times0.10 times0.66 times0.31 times
Unsubscribe19.86 Cr18.57 Cr32.14 Cr27.22 Cr137.75 Cr
26 NovSubscribe0.13 Cr1.37 Cr.5.93 Cr39.72 Cr47.16 Cr
No of times0.01 times0.07 times0.08 times0.50 times0.26 times
Unsubscribe19.87 Cr18.63 Cr74.07 Cr40.28 Cr152.84 Cr


[wptabtitle]Listing[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Shriram NCD Allotment Listing Details with ISIN No , Script Code, Interest Payment Date etc.

NCD 2013-14Shriram City Union Finance
Issue Open25 Nov 2013
Issue Close24 Dec 2013
Issue RegistrarShriram Insight Share Brokers Ltd
Listing ExchangeBSE
Allotment Date4 Jan 2014
Listing Date8 Jan 2014
Interest Payment DateAs per shedule
Face Value1000
Circular Ref. No BSE - 20140107-21

Series ISeries IISeries IIISeries IVSeries VSeries VISeries VII
Additional Incentive (Cat-III, Cat-IV).25% p.a..50% p.a.0.75% p.a..25% p.a..50% p.a.0.75% p.a.0.50%
Period3 yrs4 yrs5 yrs3 yrs4 yrs5 yrs5 Yrs
ISIN NoINE 722A07455INE 722A07463INE 722A07471INE 722A07489INE 722A07497INE 722A07505INE 722A07513
BSE Script934933934934934935934936934937934938934939
NSE Script
Maturity1000100010001358.411504.441667.17as per shedule
Maturity Amt (Cat-III ,Cat- IV)1000100010001367.631531.791723.35as per shedule
Maturity Date04/01/201704/01/201804/01/201904/01/201704/01/201804/01/201904/01/2019



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