sovereign gold bondThe Government of India launched its  Sovereign Gold Bond 2016-17 Series III (SGB) from 24 Oct  to 2 Nov 2016. Issue price for the Sovereign Gold Bond for this tranche has been fixed at  Rs. 2,957 per gram.

The Investor who had invested in earlier tranche have gain approximately 10.17% (Tranche I), 13.73% (Tranche 2) & 1.40% in( Tranche III)

Tranche NoStart DateSGB Issue PriceCurrent Issue PriceAbsolute Amt GainAbsolute ReturnsNo of Days

(Since Start Date)

2015-16 — 1Nov 20152,6842,95727310.17%
2015-16 — 2Jan 20162,6002,95735713.73%
2015-16 — 3Mar 20162,9162,957411.40%
2016-17 — 1July 20163,1192,957-162-05.19%
2016-17 — 2Sep 20163,1502,957-193-06.12%

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NRI not allow to Invest to invest in Sovereign Gold Bond


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Comparision of Physical Gold, Gold ETF  & Sovereign Gold Bond 2016-17 Series III :

Physical GoldGold ETFSovereign Gold Bond
ReturnsLower than Actual Return on goldLower than Actual Return on goldHigher than Actual Return on gold
SafetyRisk on handling physical goldHighHigh
Purity of GoldPurity of gold always remains a questionHigh as it Electronic FormHigh as it Electronic Form
Wealth TaxWealth Tax applicable @ 1% on the total valuation of the asset every yearNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Capital GainLong term Capital Gain Tax applicable after 3 yearsLong term Capital Gain Tax applicable after 3 yearsLong term Capital Gain Tax applicable after 3 years ( No Capital Gain Tax if held till maturity)
Collateral Against LoanYesNoYes
Storage CostHighVery lowVery low


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