NCD Issue -SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd launched Public Issue of  NCD of  Rs. 1000 each from 30 Dec 2013 and issue close on 31 Jan 2014.  . It aims to raise 100 Cr. through this Issue. SREI is finance company that primarily lend to infrastructure projects. (Allotment Dt 11 Feb & Listing Dt 13 Feb 2014)  Allotment is on First Come First Serve Basis.

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SREI NCD Issue Highlights

IssuerSREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd
Type of InstrumentSecured, Redeemable, NCD
Issue Open30 Dec 2013
Issue Close31 Jan 2014 (with option of early closure or extension)
Issue Size100 Cr.
Face ValueRs. 1,000
Min. Application Size10 Bonds (Rs.10000) & multiply of 1 NCD thereafter (across all series NCD)
InterestMonthly, Annually & Cumulative
Mode of AllotmentD'mat as well as Physical Form
RatingAA - CARE , BWR

Specific Term of Issue

Tenor2 Yrs2 Yrs3 Yrs3 Yrs
Coupon Cat I, II11.00%NA11.25%NA
Coupon Cat III (Retail)11.25%NA11.50NA
Yield Cat I,II11.00%11.00%11.25%11.24%
Yield Cat III (Retail)11.25%11.27%11.50%11.51%
Face Value1000100010001000
Maturity Cat II1000123210001377
Maturity III (Retail)1000123810001387
Interest ModeAnnualCumulativeAnnualCumulative

Tenor5 Yrs5 Yrs5 Yrs
Coupon Cat I, II11.50%10.94
Coupon Cat III (Retail)11.75%11.16%YR 1 -12.50% , Yr 2-12%, Yr 3-11.50%, Yr 4&5 - 11.25%
Yield Cat I,II11.50%11.51%11.53%
Yield Cat III (Retail)11.75%11.75%11.77%
Face Value100010001000
Maturity Cat II100010001000
Maturity III (Retail)100010001000
Interest ModeAnnualMonthlyAnnual

 NRI’s are Not Allowed to Invest

 Cheque Details :

Cheque / DD should be drawn in favour of  ” SIFL IV Public Issue Escrow Account  “ by all applicant

Banker :


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About Company

SREI infrastructure Finance Ltd is primarily engaged in financing of infrastructure projects and equipment. Srei extend financial assistance to Power, Roads, Bridges, Highways, Port, Airport, Telecommunication, Water supply, Waste management, Industrial Parks & SEZs and other infrastructure sectors.

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DateCat ICat IICat IIITotal
27 JanSubscribe-4.42513.49517.92
No of times-
24 JanSubscribe-4.42508.28512.70
No of times-
23 JanSubscribe-3.63502.02505.65
No of times-
22 JanSubscribe-3.73494.25497.98
No of times-
21 Jan 14Subscribe-3.73482.58486.31
No of times-
20 Jan 14Subscribe-3.73472.62476.34
No of times-
17 Jan 14Subscribe-3.71444.27447.98
No of times-0.150.990.90
16 Jan14Subscribe-3.61428.57432.18
No of times-0.140.950.86
15 Jan14Subscribe-3.61415.92419.53
No of times-0.140.920.84
14 Jan14Subscribe03.61400.97404.59
No of times-0.140.890.81
13 Jan 14Subscribe-3.60394.49398.09
No of times-0.140.880.80
9 Jan 14Subscribe03.35358.75362.10
No of times00.130.800.72
8 Jan 14Subscribe-3.33341.36344.69
No of times-0.130.760.69
7 Jan 14Subscribe-3.33322325.33
No of times-0.130.720.65
6 Jan 14Subscribe0.0.73305.59306.32
No of timesnil0.030.680.61
3 Jan 14Subscribe00.42268.35268.77
No of timesnil0.020.600.54
1 Jan 14Subscribe00.41230.46230.88
No of times00.020.510.46
31 DecSubscribe00.19204.15204.35
No of times00.010.450.41
30 DecSubscribeNIL0.10168.78168.88
No of timesNil0.010.370.33
27 DecSubscribeNIL0.0399.67100.03
No of TimesNil0.010.220.20

[wptabtitle] Listing[/wptabtitle]

Allotment listing details

NCD 2013-14SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd
Issue Open30 Dec 2013
Issue Close31 Jan 2014
Issue RegistrarKarvy Computershare
Listing ExchangeBSE
Allotment Date11 Feb 2014
Listing Date13 Feb 2014
Interest Payment DateMonthly, Annual, Cummulative
Face Value1000
Circular Ref. No BSE - 20140212-21
ISIN NoINE 875A07SF2INE 875A07SG0INE 875A07SH8INE 875A07SI6INE 875A07SJ4INE 875A07SK2
Period2 Yr2 Yr2 Yr2 Yr3 Yr3 Yr
BSE Script Code934966934967934968934969934970934971
Script ID11SREI16A1125SREI16B0SREI2016C0SREI2016D1125SREI17E115SREI17F
Maturity Amt100010001232123810001000
Maturity11 Feb 201611 Feb 201611 Feb 201611 Feb 201611 Feb 201711 Feb 2017
Interest Payment11 Feb11 FebNANA11 Feb11 Feb
CouponNA11.50%11.75%10.94%11.16%1-12.50% 2-12% 3-11.50% 4-11.25% 5-11.25%
Period3 Yr5 Yr5 Yr5 Yr5 Yr5 Yr
ISIN NoINE 872A07SM8INE 872A07SN6INE 872A07SO4INE 872A07SP1INE 872A07SQ9INE 872A07SS5
BSE Script Code934972934973934974934975934976934977
Script Id0SREI17G115SREI19H115SREI19I115SREI19J115SREI19K115SREI19L
Maturity Amt138710001000100010001000
Maturity11 Feb 201711 Feb 201911 Feb 201911 Feb 201911 Feb 201911 Feb 2019
Interest Payment DtN.A.11 Feb11 Feb11 Mar11 Mar.11 Feb
Int FrequencyCummulativeAnnualAnnualMonthlyMonthlyAnnually



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