Power Finance  Corporation Ltd (PFC) Tax Free Bond Open for subscription from 14 Dec 2012 and close as on 21 Dec 2012.

 PFC Issue aggregates Rs. 1,000 Cr. with the option to retain oversubscription upto Rs. 4,590 Cr.


 PFC Tax Free Bond Subscription Details

CategoryNo of Bond OfferNo of Bond Bid forNo of time Subscribe
27 DEC 2012
Category I25,00,0007,04,4000.28
Category II15,00,00010,59,0310.71
Category III20,00,00012,34,5670.62
Category IV40,00,00040,93,7071.02
26 DEC 2012
Category I25,00,0007,05,8900.28
Category II15,00,0008,42,5310.56
Category III20,00,00011,52,0470.58
Category IV40,00,00039,06,9650.98
Day 521 DEC 2012
Category I25,00,0004,55,3000.18
Category II15,00,0008,03,5310.54
Category III20,00,00011,17,5200.56
Category IV40,00,00035,92,1470.90
Day 520 Dec 2012
Category I25,00,0001,05,4100.04
Category II15,00,0007,35,3810.49
Category III20,00,00010,94,3700.55
Category IV40,00,00030,41,0380.76
Day 419 Dec 2012
Category I25,00,0001,04,4100.04
Category II15,00,0007,25,6450.48
Category III20,00,0009,78,7700.49
Category IV40,00,00027,17,1290.68
Day 318 Dec 2012
Category I25,00,0004,0000.00
Category II15,00,0006,89,3200.46
Category III20,00,0004,04,1500.20
Category IV40,00,00022,46,1100.56
Day 2 - 17 Dec 2012Data Not availble
Day 114 Dec 2012
Category 125,00,0003,0000.00
Category 215,00,00032,3000.02
Category 320,00,0002,59,2000.13
Category 440,00,0009,22,6980.23



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