Mutual Fund

Axis bluechip fund

By Rajendra

Sep 10, 2022

1 lakhs invested in Jan 2010 has grown 4.32 lakh as on 1 Aug 22

Predominantly large cap strategy with moderate allocation to midcaps

Investment Strategy

Aim for delivering superior risk adjusted returns

Investment Strategy

Uses bottom-up stock selection process

Investment Strategy

Stocks are selected in the portfolio based on their ability to grow earning on a sustainable basis

Investment Strategy

Top 10 Stocks

ICICI Bank          Kotak Bank

Bajaj Finance            TCS

Avenue Supermart    Reliance

Infosys                        M&M

HDFC Bank                 L&T

Reference - Aug Factsheet

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Axis Bluechip Fund

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Fund Manager

Shreyash Devalkar

Launch Date

Jan 5, 2010

AUM  - 35,915 Cr

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Axis Bluechip Fund

Scheme Performance

Exit Load

upto 1 year - 1%

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Benchmark - S&P BSE 100 

1 Year

3 Year

5 Year