Health Insurance

Before renew your health insurance,  consider it.

By Rajendra

Sep 11, 2022

Your expired health insurance will not give you the support you need financially.

Before the deadline, renew. Never wait until the last day.

Renew  Date

The policy cannot be renewed once it has expired. Your whole benefit package disappears.

Healthcare costs increased as people aged.

Changing Needs for Health Insurance

With the progression of life phases, our health insurance needs to change.

You should keep in mind the insurer's history with claim settlement and customer service.

Claim Settlement experience

Your insurer should have a large network of hospitals for hassle-free cashless treatment.

Verify the policy premiums charged by rivals for a similar type of policy with similar advantages.

Premium offer by competitors

Reading the policy's fine print is essential if you want to get the most of your health insurance coverage.

You can decide whether or not a policy is right for you if you are aware of both your health circumstances and your health insurance plan.