Health Insurance

Checklist- senior Citizen health insurance

By Rajendra

Sep 6,, 2022

Go for higher coverage you can afford

Consider medical inflation – 15-20 lakhs cover should be good.

Buy maximum protection you can afford

Don’t compromise on the coverage

Before making payment share your medical details

This way you can avoid the stressful payment  & refund process

Fill proposal form all by yourself

Providing accurate & honest information about medical health.

Make clear declarations

Give clear & detailed answers to all the questions the insurer has.

Provide the insurer with a summary of the health assessment you carried out.

Ensure you understand plan well

You need to accept the fact that these plans would have coverage restrictions. Check pre-existing illnesses & waiting period.

Do not depend on your employer policy alone

Your corporate health policy cover parents, without waiting period. Factor you cannot control · Yearly renewal · Modification  · Termination

If you leave the company, you will lose the coverage.  No guarantee that your next employer will provide health insurance.

Always better to take a health insurance cover for your parents, separately

Ensure you invest in healthcare savings fund

Senior citizen plans have various kinds of restrictions, like copays, room-rent, etc.

Separately save in a healthcare fund your parents

Senior Citizen Health insurance makes sure old-age doesn’t come with huge medical expenses.

Carefully check al all your options and choose the one that fits your parents the best