Fund Description

A fund that invests in dynamically managed portfolio of equity & equity related securities, fixed income and money market instruments

Investment Horizon

Investors who have an investment horizon of 1 year and above

who are seeking growth but are less comfortable with volatility

Managing Volatility

Managing equity exposure through derivatives, based on market valuations + Fixed Income exposure

Tax Efficiency

Investors who are looking for better potential post-tax returns than conservative hybrid funds with relatively higher risk

Asset Allocation

Equity – 0 to 100% Fixed Income – 0 to 100% Gross equity exposure endeavoured to be held at a minimum of 65% Monthly rebalancing

Exit Load

Upto 10% of the Units may be redeemed without any exit load within 1 year from the date of allotment. 1.00% - if redeemed on or before 1 year

NFO Details

NFO Open  - 16 Aug 2022 NFO Close - 30 Aug 2022

Minimum Investment - 5,000

Blend of ‘growth’ and ‘value’