A wrong decision could result in the loss of your hard-earned savings.

How to Select right Mutual Fund Scheme?

Know your Investment

without a clear objective, one does not have to stop their journey in short

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Fund House Track Record

identity of the fund house’s history of its existence and track records across different schemes before choosing the best scheme.

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Risk Assessment:

Risk-taking capacity of the investor and their understanding of the risks associated with each mutual fund

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Consistency in Fund Performance

Before you select a plan, check how the plan stands up against other schemes based on the stated benchmarks.

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Scheme Size (AUM)

As fund size grows, performance suffers. As small-cap funds grow, their performance suffers proportionally more than that of large-cap funds

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Fund Manager

Fund managers principally make investment decisions when it comes to active funds. It is logical for investors to evaluate the fund’s performance under the current manager.

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Standard Deviation: fund’s volatility Sharp Ratio: how the fund’s performance has been about the risk it has taken it. Beta: how risky your fund is compared to its benchmark index


Taxation of the returns from equity mutual funds depends on the holding period and the appropriate tax rate

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Final Thoughts

The best way to pick the most suitable mutual fund plan for your investment is to consider your objectives, risk profile, and time frame.


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Do not choose mutual funds solely on their performance in the past.