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IDFC Nifty100 Low volatiity 30 index fund

By Rajendra

Sep 15, 2022

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Scheme Analysis

What is Low Volatility Investing?

Buy least volatile stocks

Higher weightage to less volatile stocks

Rule based to decide entry & exit points for securities

Index invests in a basket of less volatile stocks with an aim to cushion the impact of the fall during market corrections & generate relatively higher returns over the long term.

Measures the performance of the 30 least volatile stocks from the large cap universe, included in the Nifty100 Index.

Key Feature

Follows a disciplined strategy of assigning a higher weightage to less volatile stocks and a lower weightage to relatively high volatile stocks

Key Feature

Outperformed major indices (Nifty 100 Index & Nifty 50 Index) over the long term while facilitating lower volatility.

Why this Fund

Sharp ups & downs in the equity markets can be unnerving & lead to inefficient investment decisions


Long term investing without timing the market

Cost-effective allocation to a potentially low-risk, high return strategy


Disciplined investing via systematic investment

A relatively less volatile investment strategy


Rule-based, limited bias investment strategy

Hassle-free investment into a differentiated strategy

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NFO Details

Open Date

Close Date

Min Investment

15 Sep 2022

23 Sep 2022


IDFC Nifty100 Low Volatility 30 Index Fund

An open ended Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)


Fund Manager

Nimesh Sheth