Risk in Equity Mutual Fund

“Mutual funds are subject to market risks. Read all scheme-related documents carefully.”

Mutual Fund Schemes are not products with guaranteed returns.

common risk factors

Any mutual fund scheme's historical performance is no guarantee of its future results.

Investment risks with mutual fund units include trading volume, settlement risk, liquidity risk, default risk, and the potential loss of principle.

common risk factors

NAV of the Scheme may fluctuate with changes in the larger equities and bond markets & may be influenced by factors affecting capital and money markets.

common risk factors

Changes in interest rates, currency exchange rates, government policies, taxation, political, economic, or other developments, such as a surge in stock and bond market volatility.

The value of an investment in a mutual fund scheme may rise or fall depending on changes in the price, value, and interest rates of the assets in which the scheme invests.

common risk factors

Stock and equity-related include some risk, thus investors shouldn't participate in equity schemes they can afford to accept the risk of potential principle loss.

Risk of losing money: