ETFs can provide investors an exposure to various asset classes as per the defined methodology.

Know about ETF.......


ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund) are financial products that aim to produce returns equivalent to the underlying Index. 

ETFs replicate Index


ETF can be based on Index tracking any asset class like a Equity, Fixed Income, Gold , Tri- Party Repo

Offer Bouquet of Asset Class


The ETFs are traded around their indicative net asset value (iNAV) which is calculated in real-time.

Real time NAV


Like any other stock, ETFs are listed, traded, and settled on the stock exchanges (BSE & NSE).

Traded on BSE/ NSE


Due to passive management, ETFs often have low expense ratios. Expenses around 0.10 to 0.20%

Always Low Expenses


ETFs are taxed in exactly the same manner as equity funds. Long Term Capital Gain are taxed at 10%.

Taxation Benefit


ETFs can give investors exposure to different asset classes in accordance with the established methodology.