Mutual Fund-  NFO 

LIC MF Muti Cap Fund

By Rajendra

Oct  8, 2022

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Scheme Analysis

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Min 25% in Large Cap

How Multi Cap works?

Min 25% in Mid Cap

Min 25% in Small Cap

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Strength can be found in all sizes of animal

Life is full of Opportunities

Strong business model can be found in all sizes of companies

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Stock selection & portfolio allocation happens by mix of quantitative & qualitative approach

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Growth of Small Cap


Solidity of Large Cap

Potential of Mid Cap

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Industry leader across market Cap


Strong MOAT

Scalable business

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Emphasis is put on the company's product, service, management, competitor

Qualitative Approach

Evaluating impact of prevailing & evolving macro on above factor

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Concentrates on income statement, balance sheets, cash flows & relationship between price & intrinsic value

Quantitative Approach

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Qualitive approach helps in understanding business dynamic

Blended Approach

Quantitative approach helps in forecasting financials

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NFO Open - 6 Oct 2022

NFO Details

NFO Close - 20 Oct 2022

Minimum Investment - 5,000

Benchmark - Nifty 500 Multicap