Mutual Fund investment are subject to market risk

Bottom up approach to stock selection

Fund Strategy

Sundaram Flexi Cap Fund

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Flexi Cap funds have the potential to outperform over market cycles

NFO Period - 16 Aug to 30 Aug 2022

Invest in the best cap curves, sectors and stocks across all market scenarios.

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Judicious mix of large, mid and small caps with about 50-70 stocks

Invest in opportunities across market caps

Large Cap bias towards compounding stories

Mid & Small caps to provide alpha generation

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Improvement in company fundamentals

Change in management

Balance Sheet restructuring

Product rationalization & innovation

Turnaround / Business Restructure

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Identifying intrinsic value 

Corporate action, Mergers & Acquisitions

Value Unlocking

– Potential to outperform across market cycles

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Identify early stage of change in business, industry cycle

Addition to product offering

Value Migration

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NFO Details

Open Date

Close Date

Min Investment

Exit Load

Less than 365 days

16 Aug 22

30 Aug 22



Sundaram Flexi Cap Fund