What is plsf? -Public Service Loan Forgiveness

By Rajendra Sep 29,  2022

– A federal loan forgiveness program designed to encourage & reward those who choose jobs in public service with the opportunity to have federal loan balances  forgiven.

– All  employees who work full-time for a public service  employer can qualify,  regardless of job title.

Make 120 qualifying payments while working for a public servicer employer.

How do you get it?


Keep all your federal loans federal

Only federal loans are eligible for PSLF, so you should not refinance your federal loans into private loans if you think you may qualify


Get on an income-driven repayment plan

A repayment plan like REPAYE offers payments based on the lowest percentage of income and maximizes your potential forgiveness benefit.


File an Employment Certification Form 1-2 times a year:

Your employer will need to verify the information and sign off on it in order to prove your eligibility.

Who qualifies as a “public service” employer?

government agencies (federal, state, city, local, and tribal)

the military

non-profit hospitals

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public schools and universities

charities, including 501(c)3 organizations

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