What are sectoral fund

“Mutual funds are subject to market risks. Read all scheme-related documents carefully.”

Our economy is divided into a diverse range of industries, including banking, information technology, pharmaceuticals, aviation, agriculture, and more.

Each industry is always changing and can perform differently at different times.

Can you invest in such niche markets and profit from them?

Sectoral mutual funds can be useful in this situation. By concentrating on a particular sector, sectoral mutual funds can assist you in maximizing these chances.

Sectoral funds invest in a variety of industries. At least 80% of the assets in a sectoral fund must be invested in the theme or industry to which it is specifically devoted.


Pharmaceutical firms, producers of medical & equipment, businesses engaged in life science technology, among others, are all included in the pharma & health.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare

Information technology (IT), electronics, and other things are where this sector invests the most.

Information Technology - IT