Why Health Insurance claim rejected?

Here are some reasons that your health insurance claims could be rejected.


information about income, age, occupation details or any other details requested during the application 

Incomplete Claim Information


There was insufficient information provided with the claim or pre-authorization request.

Missing Detail


When an insured person hides their medical history, there is a higher chance that their health insurance claim will be denied.

Non-Disclosure of Medical Information


To be able to claim successfully your health insurance policy needs to be valid and not expired.

Lapsed Policy


Health insurance claims may be denied in situations in which the policyholder file the claim after the time period. 

Delay in filing Claim


health insurance plans do not cover any diseases you already might have while buying the policy 

Pre existing disease


mandatory waiting time of at least 30 days  , If you submit claim within waiting period. Claim Rejected

Waiting period


If you are not hospitalized for a minimum 24 hours and are discharged early by the hospital 

Hospital Stay


If you do not know the policy has expired and you make claims, they will be rejected.  

Policy Period

Health insurance is  best methods to ensure medical bills from illness, surgeries