Bandhan Mutual Fund Redemption Process

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  • Last Updated March 6, 2024
  • Ready to redeem your units in an Bandhan Mutual Fund? Here's a breakdown of the available methods:

    1. Online Redemption:

    • Suitable for: Individuals comfortable with online platforms.
    • Process:
      • Visit the Bandhan Mutual Fund website (
      • New Users: Create a User ID using your folio number and PAN card.
      • Existing Users: Log in using your User ID and password or OTP.
      • Under "Transact Now," select the desired fund and initiate the redemption process.
      • Follow the on-screen instructions and confirm the transaction.

    2. Offline Redemption:

    • Suitable for: Individuals preferring in-person assistance or unfamiliar with online platforms.
    • Process:
      • Download the Redemption Form: This is available on the Bandhan Mutual Fund website or can be obtained from a branch office or CAMS Registrar office.
      • Fill out the Form: Provide details like your name, folio number, PAN number, scheme name, and the desired amount or number of units to redeem.
      • Submit the Form: Visit your nearest CAMS Mutual Fund branch office or KFIN Tech Registrar office and submit the completed form.

    3. Redemption Through Your Advisor:

    • Suitable for: Individuals who have an existing relationship with an IDFC Mutual Fund advisor.
    • Process:
      • Contact your advisor: Inform them of your intention to redeem units and seek guidance.
      • They will assist you: Your advisor can guide you through the online or offline process and answer any questions you may have.

    • Benefits: Personalized support and guidance from a financial professional.

    Additional Points:

    • Confirmation: Upon successful redemption, you will receive a confirmation message via email or mobile phone.
    • Processing Time: Allow T+3 business days (4 working days) for the redeemed funds to be credited to your bank account in the case of equity schemes.
    • General Note: You can use any generic redemption request form or letter for your redemption request, but using the Bandhan Mutual Fund form is recommended for a smooth process.

    Choosing the right redemption method depends on your individual preferences and comfort level. For any further questions or assistance, it's always recommended to contact IDFC Mutual Fund or your financial advisor.

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