Claiming Unpaid Invesco Mutual Fund Amounts: A Step-by-Step Guide

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  • Last Updated February 27, 2024
  • This guide outlines the process for claiming unpaid (unclaimed) amounts from your Invesco Mutual Fund investment:

    1. Download the Unclaimed Request Form:

    Download the "Unclaimed Request Form."

    2. Complete the Form:

    Carefully fill out the form with accurate information. Ensure you complete all relevant sections, including your folio number, PAN number, and details of the unclaimed amount.

    3. Address Changes (Optional):

    If you've recently changed your bank account or address, follow the specific procedures outlined on the form.

    • Changing Bank Details:
      • Provide either an original canceled cheque of your new bank account displaying your name or a copy of a bank statement not older than 3 months, duly attested by your new bank. This document should clearly show your name and bank account details.

    • Changing Address:
      • Submit proof of your new address along with a copy of your PAN card or another proof of investment (if your PAN isn't updated).

    4. Submit the Form:

    Once completed, submit the form and any required supporting documents to Invesco Mutual Fund. You can submit them:

    • By mail to their specified address (usually provided on the form or website).
    • In person at one of their investor service centers (locations likely listed on their website).

    Additional Information:

    • For the most up-to-date information and specific procedures, it's highly advisable to visit the official Invesco Mutual Fund website or contact their customer service directly.
    • Remember to keep a copy of the submitted form and any supporting documentation for your records.

    Please note: This guide serves as general information only and may not supersede the official instructions provided by Invesco Mutual Fund. It is crucial to refer to their website or contact them directly for the latest information and any potential changes in the process.

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