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  • The pause facility allows investors to temporarily stop their Kotak SIP installments for a certain period of time and resume them after the pause-period.

    Are you decide to pause your Kotak Mutual Fund SIP, you must know these Rules for Pause SIP.

    • Investor can apply Pause facility only 2 time during tenure of SIP.

    • Pause request should be submit at least 15 day before next installment date

    • Pause request can be for minimum 1 installment & maximum for maximum 6 installment.

    • SIP Pause is eligible for SIP's which has completed 6 month tenure.

    • There would be no restriction on the number of times a SIP can be paused

    • Pause facility not available SIP through Stock Exchange Platforms.

    Download Kotak SIP Pause Form

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    Only fill SIP Form Pause part. Submit nearest Kotak Mutual Fund Office or CAMS office.

    Alternative option to pause SIP

    If you have problem paying 3 SIP Installment then another option don’t stop SIP. & redeem your 3 installment amount from same fund. This redemption takes care of your installment.

    Kotak SIP Pause FAQs

    You can pause a maximum of 6 installments in your Kotak SIP. This facility you can use twice, in particular SIP tenure.

    There would be no restriction on the number of times a SIP can be paused

    Yes, you can do this with the SIP Pause Form. Under Kotak SIP Pause facility allows you a maximum of 6 installments to skip.

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