CAMS Nominee Registration Cancellation Form

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  • The CAMS Nominee Registration Cancellation Form serves as a multi-purpose tool for managing beneficiaries associated with your CAMS-serviced mutual fund investments. Whether you need to:

    • Register a new nominee: Designate someone to receive your units in the event of your unfortunate passing.
    • Change Nominee: If you already register nominee, then you can update new nominee name
    • Cancel an existing nominee: Remove a previously nominated beneficiary who no longer applies.

    This single form caters to both scenarios, simplifying the process and ensuring your beneficiary preferences are always up-to-date.

    Benefits of using this form:

    • Convenience: Manage your nominees in one go, saving time and effort.
    • Clarity: Avoid confusion, knowing you're using the correct form for your needs.
    • Accessibility: Download the form easily from the CAMS website.
    • Flexibility: Choose whether to add or cancel a nominee.

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