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  • Register or Change Your Nominee:

    This information guide outlines the process for registering or changing a nominee for your Invesco Mutual Fund investment.

    What is a Nominee?

    A nominee is an individual you designate to receive your mutual fund units in case of your death. Nominating someone ensures a smooth and swift transfer of your holdings to your chosen beneficiary.

    How to Nominate/Change Nominee:

    1. Download the Form:
      • Download Nomination Form

    2. Complete the Form:
      • Clearly fill in the required details, including:
        • Your name(s) as account holder(s)
        • Folio number(s)
        • Nominee details (name, PAN number, relationship, percentage allocation)
        • Guardian details (if the nominee is a minor)

      • If opting to cancel an existing nomination, tick the relevant box and proceed with the new nominee details.

    3. Submit the Form:
      • You have two options for submitting the completed form:
        • Offline: Submit the form along with a copy of the nominee's PAN and proof of your relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificate etc.) at your nearest Invesco Mutual Fund office or KFIN Tech Registrar office.
        • Online: If your online account is activated, log in and follow the specific instructions for online nomination through the Invesco Mutual Fund portal.

    Additional Points:

    • You can nominate up to three nominees.
    • Always double-check the nominee information for accuracy before submission.
    • Regularly review and update your nominee details, especially if there are any changes in your personal circumstances.
    • For detailed instructions and specific requirements, refer to the latest version of the "Form for Fresh Nomination / Change of Existing Nomination/ Cancellation of Nomination" available on the Invesco Mutual Fund website.

    Remember: Nominating a beneficiary is crucial for ensuring a smooth transfer of your investment in case of an unforeseen event. Take the necessary steps to secure your loved ones' financial well-being.

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