HDFC Mutual Fund SIP Pause Process

By Rajendra Todkar

The pause facility allows investors to temporarily stop their HDFC SIP installments for a certain period of time and resume them after the pause-period.

Are you decide to pause your HDFC Mutual Fund SIP, you must know these Rules for Pause SIP.

  • Investor can apply Pause facility only Once during tenure of SIP.

  • Pause request should be submit at least 15 day before next installment date

  • Pause request can be for minimum 1 installment maximum for maximum 3 installment.

  • The start date and end date should be in DD/MM/YYYY format & date should be the same as your existing SIP installment date

  • SIP Pause registered cannot be cancelled

  • Pause facility not available SIP through Stock Exchange Platforms.

Download HDFC SIP Pause Form

Only fill SIP Form Pause part. Submit nearest HDFC Mutual Fund Office or CAMS office.

Alternative option to pause SIP

If you have problem paying 3 SIP Installment then another option don’t stop SIP & redeem your 3 installment amount from same fund. This redemption takes care of your installment.


You can pause a maximum of 3 installments in your HDFC SIP. This facility you can use only once, in particular SIP tenure.

Only once during the tenure of SIP

Yes, you can do this with the SIP Pause Form. Under HDFC SIP Pause facility allows you a maximum of 3 installments to skip.

Yes, you can pause your HDFC Mutual Fund SIP. You can pause sip for maximum 3 month. submit form 15 day before to pause your next installment. Your SIP Pause for temporarily.