Claim Unclaimed Money from SBI Mutual Fund Money

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  • Think you might have forgotten funds in SBI Mutual Funds? Here's how to claim them:

    If you believe you have unclaimed money from SBI Mutual Fund, you can follow these steps to claim it:

    1. Download the Unclaimed Request Form:

    Visit the SBI Mutual Fund website and download the "Unclaimed Request Form." or Download from here.

    2. Fill it out:

    Provide your details accurately, including:

    • Your name
    • Folio number(s)
    • Contact details
    • Details of the unclaimed amount (if known)

    3. Update your Information:

    The form may ask you to update your bank details or address if they have changed. If so, you'll need to provide supporting documents:

    • Change in bank details:
      • Original cancelled cheque with your name from your new bank account.
      • OR
      • Copy of your new bank statement or passbook (not older than 3 months) showing your name and account details, attested by the bank.

    • Change in address:
      • Proof of your new address (e.g., utility bill, rental agreement)
      • Proof of identity (PAN card)

    4. Submit the completed form and supporting documents:

    • You can submit them in person at any SBI Mutual Fund branch OR CAMS Registrar office.

    Additional Information:

    • If you haven't updated your PAN card with SBI Mutual Fund, you can include a copy of it with your submission.
    • Processing times may vary, so it's best to initiate this process well in advance of needing the funds.

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