Current Mutual Fund New Fund Offer - Pune

Take a look at the latest Mutual Fund offerings from various AMCs

Kotak FMP Series 311

Issue Open – Apr 27, 2023  

Closes on  –  May 2, 2023 


Initial Purchase: Rs. 5,000 and in multiples of Rs 1 for purchase.


Close ended fund scheme investing in debt and Money Market Instruments.


NJ ELSS Tax Saver Scheme

NFO Start Date – Mar 13, 2023

NFO Close Date – Jun 9, 2023

Minimum Investment – 500


Close ended fund scheme investing in Equity and equity related Instruments

UTI Nifty 500 Value 50 Index Fund

NFO Start Date – Apr 26, 2023

NFO Close Date –  May 8, 2023

Minimum Investment – 5,000

Scheme Category -Index Fund

NFO Pune Distributor

Rajendra 7719917444

What is a New Fund Offer (NFO) ?

To raise money for a certain scheme, mutual funds issue new fund offers (NFOs) of units in the markets. 

Depending on the type of fund, the money may be raised for a set period of time (closed-ended fund) or it may be raised continuously with the possibility for investors to withdraw their money at any time at the current value of their units (Open- ended fund).