Type of Health Insurance

Individual Health Plan

This insurance policy is for a single person, as the name implies. This plan will provide financial assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

Family Floater

Family health insurance protects your entire family against medical expenses incurred during an emergency on an individual or floater sum insured basis.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

 The insurance covers pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, as well as medical care and other fees. Pre-existing conditions are also covered under this plan.

Top Up Health Insurance

Any health insurance policy can be upgraded at any moment, depending on the insurer’s ability to pay premiums

Hospital Daily Cash

A daily hospital cash plan gives a lump-sum payout that the insured can utilize as they see fit in the event of hospitalization. 

Critical Illness

waiting period health insurance

How to choose Right Health Insuance

* Right Coverage * Suits Your Budget * Lifetime Renewal * Prefer Hospital Coverage * High Claim Settlement Ratio

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Key Benefit

Coverage Pre Post Hosptalization

offer for both pre and post hospital expenses

Cashless Facility

Hassle free cashless treatment under plan

No Claim Bonus

If no claims are files in particular years

Room Rent Coverage

Room rent expenses cover under Policy

Family Floter Insurance Plan


Family Health


Family Health

Star Health

Family Health Optima Insurance Plan