Kerala Transport Development Finance Corporation (KTDFC ) is a Non Banking Financial Company fully owned by the Government of Kerala and registered under the Reserve Bank of India Act. KTDFC has been accepting fixed deposits from the public on the basis of the guarantee given by the Government of Kerala. Company have been mobilizing fixed deposits as per the guarantee limit sanctioned by the Government of Kerala.


  FD Scheme as SALUTE‘ scheme which means ‘Symbol of Affection, Love, Understanding, Trust and Emotion’ in the minds of children towards their parents.

 Care and protection of parents is the most important social problem in the modern world scenario. By this scheme, one can ensure stable monthly amount as a token gift to the parents. One has to make deposit under SALUTE in the name(s) of their parents.

                 Interest Rate : 10.50% (Monthly Cumulative)      

[EXPAND  Salute Scheme Sailent Features]

  • Employed children can make deposits under the scheme in the name of their parent(s).
  • Only children or both jointly and severally, can deposit under the scheme in favor of the parent(s).
  • Deposit can be made in the multiples of Rs. 25000.
  • Deposit can be made for a lock in period of 5 year/ 10 years as the case may be.
  • Special Attractive Interest Rate @ 10.50% (Monthly Cumulative) will be made applicable for deposit under the scheme. Annual Yield will be  13.73% for the lock in period of 5 year and18.45% for the lock in period of 10 years
  • Once the deposit is made under the scheme , payment of benefits in the form of interest to the beneficiaries will start after the completion of 5/10 years as may be opted.
  • This scheme will be operated under the guarantee of the Govt of Kerala.
  • TDS will be applicable
  • KTDFC has made arrangement with Oriental Insurance Co. To provide health insurance coverage to the beneficiaries on a nominal payment of premium. Insurance coverage is optional


[expand Drawback of Salute Scheme Fixed Deposit]

  • KTDFC Change Interest Rate anytime : If there be a major volatility in the interest rate, KTDFC will have the option on such occasions to reduce the rate of interest, subject to the consent of the beneficiaries or otherwise, the deposit shall forthwith be closed with the prevailing special interest rates.
  • Premature withdrawal  3 to 6 month – no interest after 6 month & before maturity –  (penalty) 2% below  the agree  rate (10.5% minus  2% = 8.5%) 
  • No loans against the deposit will be allowed under this scheme.


[expand FAQ about Salute Scheme]

Who much can be deposit?

Any amount in multiples of Rs. 25000

Is my deposit is Safe?

Children as well as parents can fully trust this scheme as it will be operated under the guarantee of the Govt. of Kerala.

All Cheques / Drafts must be crossed and made to Kerala Transport Development Finance Corporation Limited, payable at Thiruvananthapuram /Ernakulam/ Thiruvalla/ Kozhikode/ Thrissur.

Depositors can also remit the amount through RTGS/NEFT to  Account maintained with State Bank of Travancore,Puthenchanthai Branch, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. (A/c No. 67196383740, IFSC: SBTR 0000026)



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