HDFC Mutual Fund SIP Application Form

By Rajendra Todkar

HDFC Mutual Fund SIP Registration & Common Folio Generation Form Download.

The form can be used by investors who wish to enroll in a new SIP and also add a new SIP in your HDFC MF folio.

SIP related major instruction

  • The minimum SIP amount allowed is 500 for a 12-month period in the Monthly SIP Option.
  • Default SIP Date 10th (if not mentioned in SIP form)
  • SIP Registration Date Gap of 30 days. If you submit an application on May 5, 2022 and your first SIP installment date is selected 15 May 15, 2022, your first installment date will be considered 15 Jun 2022 instead of May 15, 2022.
  • Investor can select any date from the 1st to the 31st of a month as their SIP date. If the SIP date is a non-financial day (holiday), then the SIP installment will be deducted on the next working day.

Here is a list of schemes available for HDFC Mutual Fund SIP:

  • HDFL Flexi Cap Fund
  • HDFC Top 100 Fund
  • HDFC Capital Builder Value Fund
  • HDFC Balance Advantage Fund
  • HDFC Banking & Financial Services Fund
  • HDFC Flexi Cap Fund
  • HDFC Focus 30 Fund
  • HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund
  • HDFC Gold Fund
  • HDFC Large & Mid Cap Fund
  • HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund
  • HDFC Multi Cap Fund
  • HDFC Small Cap Fund
  • HDFC Tax Saver
  • HDFC Small Cap Fund
  • HDFC Nifty Next Fifty Index Fund