L&T Mutual Fund Portfolio related help

You are an investor in the L & T Mutual Fund, and you may have any queries regarding your portfolio. This article aims to assist you with resolving your question.

How to Cancel L&T SIP?

The option to cancel or stop SIP in various ways. Investors should be aware that SIP is a non-committal investment. If an investor chooses to terminate the plan in the middle, no fees or penalties will be imposed.

There are several ways to terminate SIP.

  • AMC Online Platform
  • Offline: Submit a Cancellation Form or letter to the AMC Office or Registrar’s Office(CAMS).
  • by contacting your financial advisor,.

Check out this article for more information on the L & T SIP cancellation PDF Download or online process.

L&T Mutual Fund Redemption

You can redeem L & T Mutual Fund units online or via an offline method. The redemption process can be completed at any time during the day using an easy method.

If you’re already registered, log in to the L&T MF website.

  • After logging in,
  • Click Transact Now,
  • then select Redemption option
  • Select your folio number first
  • then select scheme
  • Select Value section
  • click one option All unit or Specify amount
  • Confirm Transaction

After completing the transaction, you will receive a transaction confirmation email and sms.

L&T Mutual Fund Redemption Process Download pdf

How do I change the nominee for L & T Mutual Fund?

Mutual Fund nomination refers to the appointment of a person to take responsibility for your investments in the fund following your passing away.

The nominee’s nomination will ensure that, after your death, your Mutual Fund holdings will be transferred to the nominee.

The preliminary information you must fill in on the form of nomination is:

  • Name of the nominee 
  • Date of birth of the nominee  (If minor)
  • Nominee’s relationship with the investor 
  • Address of the nominee
  • Percentage share of each nominee (if there is more than 1 nominee), etc.

You can add up to 3 nominees in L&T Mutual Fund folio and specify the percentage share that each nominee will receive in the event of your death.

If you don’t specify the percentage of your share, the Mutual Fund units will be equally distributed to all nominees named on the nomination form.

Transmission of Units

Transfer of Units is a method by which units owned by the unitholder who died are handed over to the nominee or the legal descendants or legal heirs of the unitholder who died, as the situation requires.

  1. Transmission Request Form for Transmission of Units in favour of the Nominee(s).
  2. Death Certificate of the deceased unitholder(s) in original OR photocopy duly attested by a Notary Public or a Gazetted Officer.
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate, in case the Nominee is a minor.
  4. Copy of PAN Card of the Nominee(s) / Guardian (in case the Nominee is a minor)
  5. KYC Acknowledgment OR KYC Form of the Nominee(s) / Guardian (where Nominee is a Minor)
  6. The Cancelled cheque with the Nominee’s name pre-printed OR Copy of the Nominee’s recent Bank Statement/Passbook (which cannot be more than 3 months old).

How to Update Email ID and Mobile number of UT Mutual Fund

It is possible to change your mobile number & Email ID on L&T Mutual Fund online and also offline.

Login to your folio account online & “My Profile” section. User is given the option of changing the mobile no & email id.

Note: User will receive OTPs for both their email & mobile. Without OTP you can’t update.


For equity mutual funds, you’ll get your funds T+3 working days. (For example, if you redeem a unit on Monday, the fund will be credited to your account the following Thursday.)

For liquid funds, you’ll get your funds in T+1 working days. (For example, if you redeem a unit on Monday, the fund will be credited to your account the following Tuesday.)

When you complete the redemption process, you will receive a transaction confirmation message. This means your transaction is accepted. If there is any problem in your transaction, you will receive an SMS and mail related issue.

You can withdraw your profit from a L & T Mutual Fund scheme. If you invested in ELSS, then check if the lock-in period is completed or not.

check this article – ELSS Fund Redemption Process

The L & T Mutual Fund does not pay any interest. L & T Mutual Fund does not provide a fixed income product. Mutual Fund returns vary by 5% to 20% over a 3–7 year period, depending on market conditions.